Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Saw the Sign

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  1. blah

  2. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Those look like some fine T.Ts!

  3. bleh

  4. Yeah … ah, don’t show us your T.Ts, thanks.

  5. Deny. I accepted him a while back and that fucker wouldn’t stop it with the Farmville requests. Or inviting me to those shitty groups about turbans.

    God, what an annoying twat.

    Happy Easter.

  6. I’m curious what Deb looks like now.

  7. Those T.Ts look alright to me. You guys just have high standards. I could do without the tit tats though.

  8. SomeRandomChick

    I have seen so many churches doing this fb friend Jesus thing. Like I want Jesus knowing what’s going on in my good good and seeing my T.Ts pics.

  9. lol

  10. i love how the last one’s concern is for her hair LAWL

  11. Its the fucking Beatles

    Dignity. Deb lost it. A long, long time ago.

  12. Deb honey ,your hair is the least of our concern right now.

  13. Forget the hair, Deb. Your bra size must be 38 Long.

  14. What’s the second one meant to be? rock n roll hand?

  15. lol @ jupiter.

    i really, really hope that deb’s is a joke. it has to be.

  16. Jupiter. That would be “The Shocker”.


  17. @#8: You made me literally LOL! 😀

  18. lol @ BritishHobo. Look at that, a hobo with a computer (yeh, that’s pretty bad actually)

  19. @Dandelion: Once you’ve accepted Jesus on Facebook, you’ll begin to stop being surprised by weird stuff on the web 😉

  20. Excuse me Dandelion…don’t diss muh boii. lol.

  21. Oh man, I totally submitted one of these :]

  22. Stay classy, Wichita, Ks. =|
    (The liquor store)

  23. When “Tits or GTFO” goes wrong.

  24. someone needs to find Deb’s profile ASAP.

  25. I… I just… what?? I don’t even care about the others, WTF is with the Bill Cosby one?? Did somebody do that as a prank or something?

  26. Cosby’s efforts to get the black community to focus on family, education, and internal moral values were falling on deaf ears. So he figured titties would get the brothers attention.

  27. Don’t know how long ago that pic of Deb was taken, but I’m guessing it was a while ago.
    70’s hair thing kinda going on, and the car make sounds like it’s from the same era.

    As for those tits, impressive, but probably only for that decade.
    Time, age, and gravity can be cruel, especially for the large breasted ladies.

    Fast forward to now and I’m betting they’re sitting just above the symphysis pubis.

  28. @soup but i thought brothers are all about big asses….

  29. @ 8.SomeRandomChick……..I’ve got news for u honey……… HE knows already!! No use trying to hide!

  30. I bet Jesus has awesome statuses… “Jesus Christ is fucking shit up in Indonesia with Dad.”

  31. @EchoWhiskey or maybe “bummer haiti….maybe next time you’ll think before you make a pact.”

  32. Man, I’d love to be the one to smack Deb’s T.Ts around!

  33. Jesus loves you and his priests love your children …

    children in the flock ? Bring out the cock !

  34. Holy trivialization of a very recent tragedy, batman!

  35. Do excuse me, but what is all this talk of ‘Deb’ – I don’t see any pictures relating to a Deb…Am I being incredibly stupid, or perhaps a picture has been removed from this entry??

  36. Ah it’s my stupid browser not displaying all the images, got it now. Please ignore last post. Fail.

  37. Lexluther “bummer haiti….maybe next time you’ll think before you make a pact.”

    fucking lol.

  38. I’ve just read up on what the “shocker” symbolises, and let me tell you; i feel somewhat violated (adeptly ironic, I know). Basketball players use it. Now, just what in fucks name am I supposed to do with that visceral image burned into my mind?

    The NBA will never be the same for me again. Sigh.

  39. Jesus, stop poking me!

  40. Random, Echo and Soup you guys are hilarious!

    And Jesus is totally a member of the Team Dracula group.

  41. Jesus rocks Mafia Wars.

  42. The first one made me want a drink! I could use some numbing.

  43. Deb’s only concerned about the length of her hair in that picture?!? The length og her boobs are a bit more disconcerting to me…

    Oh, and I’m gonna deny that request!

  44. *of (argh)

  45. I love that ‘Jesus is Coming Again’…He’s a lucky boyyyy

  46. haha that century theater is in my hometown of san bruno. they closed it down. i guess it was one last hoorah kind of thing

  47. hahhaaha bill cosby.
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  48. So what if he has breast implants? Maybe he needed them for his self-esteem, elixabeth, ever think of that? I wonder WWJD… would he let them hang out or wear a bra? Hmmm.

  49. Jesus was well hung, i think he just let it hang.

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