Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Was Jokin…

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  1. BeboStunnah2kai12


  2. That was a good one, Kevin. Made me laugh. Thanks.

  3. Didn’t happen. That would be like asking for 30 potato chips. You grab a box, bring them to the cashier, and that is that.

  4. mjcjrfl77, Many places in the US, due to local or state laws, put condoms either behind the counter or in cases in the pharmaceuticals section. You do have to talk to the staff.

  5. Not laws. Many places keep them locked up or behind the counter because they are stolen quite frequently.

  6. It’s a waste really. You could recycle one condom indefinitely if you just turned it inside out and shook the fuck out of it.

  7. ^ Um, yeah. You don’t think condoms have always been single-use disposable, do you?
    Goodyear made those things fucking tough.

  8. I hope the girls were not fat

  9. Even if the condoms were behind the counter (which would *not* be due to any *law*), you’d ask for a box – not a quantity.

  10. The box would expire before Kevin even even got to use one, and even that would be for a clean wank.

  11. ^ Clean wank? So when you don’t use a condom to wank there is a cataclysmic gushing of your semen that dirties anything within a 10m perimeter? Or is there a minuscule squirt and a fizzle that you catch in a tissue and flush down the toilet? I totally get where you’re coming from.

  12. Umm stop lying Kevin. That only happened in your silly little teenage dreams didn’t it?

  13. Unless Kevin has a severe lazy eye, I’m struggling to understand how he looked two girls dead in the eye in one moment.

  14. ^ Crosseyed.

  15. Crosseyed would mean he was looking inward, surely… What’s the term I’m looking for? (I accept that lazy eye probably isn’t completely accurate – in my defence, I’m not altogether sure I give a shit)

  16. astigmatism?

  17. That’ll do. Cheers for bothering to educate me. I barely have the impetus to educate myself.

  18. ^ LMAO!

  19. If he wanted to impress them, he should’ve asked for 54!

  20. LOL fake, this one’s from reddit or memebase, I saw it weeks ago…

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