Monday, February 11, 2013

I Weep for the Future…

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  1. Fucking stupid fucking Yanks.

  2. Tolerance, please! This nation has a scary future!

  3. How do some of these kids even make it out of 2nd grade?

  4. Fall asleep forever please.

  5. Bob Barker would like to remind you all to please spay and neuter your idiots.

  6. What second grade?

  7. I wish Kadeem would have at least included the “b” in dumb. He is still a genius compared to Sha’dee- spelling errors or not.

  8. I think it’s funny how the same people that post this shit are so against stereotyping and get mad when people assume they’re lack of education because of their gender/race/ect. Yet, their very actions seem to perpetuate the very stereotype people pretend is so offensive.

    I admit, there’s a significant flaw in generalizing any entire race/sex, and the bias, in some places may be a little extreme. I say this because stupid people come in all colours, but she’s not helping the cause.

  9. *their, or *lacking -of, depending on how you want to read it…See what happens when you change what you were trying to say mid-sentence!

  10. @CapnJaques: Shut the fuck up you self-absorbed moron.

  11. Grow up.

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