Friday, June 14, 2013

I would imagine so…

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  1. The also don’t like being reposted on Lamebook.

  2. C’mon little people, that was a pretty silly one.

  3. I bet OP was sucker-punched by one, because of that.

  4. nothing happened to the OP, because he stole this and didn’t really call anyone a person mcnugget.

  5. I had a dream. It was a horrible dream. I was being chased by midgets with machine guns. So I bought a bullet-proof car. But they were midgets, so I bought a convertible.

    I stole that one, too.

  6. ^^did you by any chance steal it from dr. martin luther king jr.? he had a dreamcast.

  7. I want to be so rich when I wake up, a bunch of midgets run out of my closet and make my bed like a pit crew.

  8. midgets are good in bed…well allegedly from some video I watched on the interwebs..

  9. ^ They would have to be, because their arms are too short for them to masturbate.

  10. as Kelly implied I didn’t know that someone can make $7396 in 4 weeks on the internet. have you read this site link…

  11. Come on, this is OLD.

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