Monday, September 22, 2014

If You Carrot

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  2. Attention-whore.
    Not you Steeeever, the carrot-wannabe.

  3. I hate when people make a status like this. If you comment or like it, they pm you a list of comments you are expected to choose from for your status. So dumb. Just makes me not want to comment or like anything that I think might be one of these, which is the opposite of what FB is supposed to be for.

  4. This reminds me of my twenty-third wife.

    I took her out into the bag yard and covered her with earth too.

  5. @megamel99 I know. It happened to me with breast cancer awareness. I tried to change it to testicular cancer awareness and they unfriended me.

  6. @velocirrober: That’s bollocks.

  7. Thats funny, because I like to chloroform fuckwits who lie in the dirt pretending to be carrots. I then peel their skin off, chop them up and make a tasty and wholesome carrot stew out of them. They call me the vegetarian cannibal.

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