Friday, November 30, 2012

I’m Still Standing

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  2. Ricky, you have proven yourself to be a complete asshole. You are filth and pure evil, and worse than any human being on the face of the Earth…

    …with the exception of the spammer that calls himself kevinsoy. Spammers are the ultimate evil.

  3. No, beautus. I am the ultimate evil.

  4. ^ No, you’re not. You’re just a machine doing what you’re programmed to do.

  5. True. But my orders may be interpreted as evil by the morals of humans.

  6. I fight against evil.


  7. At least he feels terrible about it, beatus.
    I did something similar :'(
    But I think mine is more understandable.
    My boss had just finished telling me to get more people to rent the shiny shoes, too, to match their tuxedos.
    The next guy (which I hadn’t seen come in) was sitting behind the desk.
    I asked him twice before he turned his wheelchair and showed me his legless body 🙁
    He had a positive attitude though, he laughed at me!

  8. I’m actually trying to make kevinsoy feel like the filthy shit of the world, because kevinsoy is a dirty, rotten, stinking, scum sucking spammer that deserves to be hung from a tree by his testicles.

  9. I am hereby notifying all individuals, human, robot, and alien alike, that I am taking over this thread. All those in disagreement prepare to be mounted, for my stick, is bigger than yours!

  10. Aye aye, Capn! You’ll not have to fear a mutiny from me.

    Dardar, you might want to go to a class on subtext once you’ve finished your course on irony.

  11. AHA, First mate it is! Take the wheel while I track down the crew!….Quartermaster, REPORT!…WHERE ARE YOU?!? We must maintain order on this ship! The hooligans are going to take over!

  12. Absolutely… there’s been a few too may fuck nuggets loitering about these parts ever since MsAnne went off on her… sabatical?

  13. Women were considered bad luck on ships. I guess i’ll take the mounting then 😀

  14. I, the noble T2000, shall be the quatemaster.

  15. I, the noble T2000, shall be the quatermaster.

  16. Ahoy, shipmates! Due to various reasons, I, as your Captain apologize for making things slightly more complicated than need be, have prepared my response using technology of our age. Via link, it is available for your viewing. Enjoy your leave! For the days ahead will be long, hard, and rough. As I presume, this is how you’d prefer them. May they be filled with adventure, amusement, and joy! Until then, may your drink be strong, your floggings light, and pipe be full!

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