Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In Remembrance

See some classic 9/11 posts after the jump:

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  1. Too soon?

    P.S. Would everyone who makes the 9/11 Jenga joke thinking their original and clever please go jump off a burning building?

  2. ***** Damnit, I meant “they’re”

  3. Casey, please kill yourself. Now.
    Take Blake with you.

  4. Catherine could kill them both in her depression, throwingtofu

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if that Casey is Casey Anthony…

  6. Blake’s joke was funny.

    You know, cos of the Patriot Act.

    Politics, y’all.

  7. I hope De’Marcus at least bought the English language dinner before he wrote that.

  8. 11/9

  9. fuck america

  10. Blake is a fag like everyone that disses the patriot act.

  11. 9/11 Lamebookers surveyed think that MsAnne is a bitch.

  12. Oh, and I am unsurprised that Evilcow is a supporter of the Patriot Act.
    Because fuck civil liberties. Right?

  13. I actually don’t even know what the patriot act is I just know liberals seem to get all whiny about it, so I figured it’d be funny to post here.

  14. 9 out of 11 lamebookers would be completely unable to cogently express that thought themselves, bacchante.
    so why the fuck would i care?

  15. Bloody hell, Evilcow, if you’re going to be a troll, at least be an educated one.

  16. What the fuck kind of oxymoron shit is this “educated troll”?

  17. ^Are you being sarcastic. Or are you really that blind/dumb/unaware?

  18. Being sarcastic about what? I was just doubting the implication there was such a thing as an educated troll.

  19. September 11 Is a happy day for me. It’s my daughter’s birthday.

  20. Troll: one who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

    So, to be effective, you really should know your subject matter, Evilcow.

  21. All Sept 11th are just plane boring…

  22. Beat the Afghans? There’s a funny joke. Next he’ll be saying America beat the Vietnamese.

  23. remember the fallen? they didn’t fucking fall.
    they got shot. they got IEDed, they got lit up, THEY KILLED THEMSELVES… good times.

  24. You forgot to specify who they got shot by MsAnne; mainly fucking friendlies. But wait, America are winning in the Middle East so who the fuck are we to judge?

  25. @13 It’s one thing to be ignorant, but your pride of being so is
    astounding. I’m not going to bore the rest of the folks here with why this makes you a particularly stupid cunt, most of them already know. I actually felt sorry for you when you announced your illness–now I’m thinking you may have exacerbated it by making nine of your twelve meals a day McDonald’s.

  26. @24 Actually, she specified in caps. Suicide has created a greater death toll than friendly fire. Over 200 in 2012 alone. And both fall under the heading of killing themselves. Watch out Iran–we’re dying to invade you next!

  27. And Afghans should be beaten more than once in ten years. Dust mites will fuck you up.

  28. #25 I’m proud of being ignorant because it means i actually get laid.

  29. ^I’m not playing Just How Pathetic is Evilcow? anymore. You win.

  30. Beat the Afghans? Sure, they do shed a lot and are only good to take to dogshows but you get the dustbuster out and your carpet is good as new. Now those chickens, THOSE are lousy housepets.

  31. Thanks man.

  32. Shit hole.

  33. internet tough guys lol. bow down to your perfect grammar and superior internets!!

  34. What’s up shitholes. Yes, I’m BACK.

  35. don’t remember you. but if you’re a retarded fucksack, which you are, take a number and fucking wait until you’re called.

  36. I remember you, freddy. We’ll be sharing a bunker during the apocalypse.
    Unfortunately, your absence has led to lost privileges, so you will now be the twink, to be shared amongst the menfolk.

  37. Yeah, Luke, you totally beat the Afghans that ride on goats to work growing poppies, to produce opiates like heroin and cocaine that you hopefully will OD on someday, you ignorant twat.

  38. fuck da po-lice!!

    gnome saine!!??? Awwww, hellzz yea!!

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