Thursday, October 24, 2013

Inappropriate Teaching Tale

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  1. Go fuck yourself, Mr. Ursrey.

    Kid who needs the D

  2. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s ILoveStever! Hope all you fucks get raped! Second!

  3. ^gets the D from Steeever.

  4. Oh damn! Those little motherfuckers are so god damned clever. Somebody give those little queers a gold medal! Seriously though…This is the shit that passes off a funny around here these days?

    I remember I actually tried to submit some genuinely fucked up posts created by some trailer trash redneck ICP fangirl/juggalo…ette? all clad in makeup and everything talking about how she’s gonna fuck up this stripper for calling her an underage jit and a filthy little clown whore…and it wasn’t good enough to make the cut here, but this shit is? The fuck is that all about?

  5. If you keep asking for the D, it’s never going to be rape.

  6. just as Jessica replied I am alarmed that a single mom can make $5870 in 1 month on the computer. check it out… Fb39.COM

  7. Blanca M. Hitt, will you be my girl?

  8. ^Only if you give her the D

  9. Ursrey. Now we know Steevers last name. He loves to hand out the D when guys ask for it.

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