Thursday, August 4, 2011

Inch Issues

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  1. What does the 6 1/2 inches mean anyway? I’ve seen statuses like this from heaps of idiots lately but I have no clue as to what they could be referring to? Is it to raise awareness of breast cancer again?

  2. Prostate cancer?

  3. 3 1/2 inches.

    Ladies, you know where to find me.

  4. Oh Monsieur, you are really spoiling us with those details. Hit me up.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Oh God those breast cancer asshole are starting again.

  6. I’m never gonna relax now…what is 6 1/2 inches…i need to know…its gonna drive me insane….agghhh


  7. Yup, it is your shoe size with the word Inches and a frown-y face at the end. Save the Boobies!

  8. Shoe size. That’s all.

  9. @1- Yes, it is a breast cancer awareness thing again. Women posting their shoe size. How the hell this helps the campaign against breast cancer is beyond me. I refuse to join in the idiocy. I suggest men post their actual penis size, along with pics to prove it, in retaliation to these stupid stunts. This suggestion is mainly because I am very curious as to who among my friends has a large cock. And I just really like cocks.

    @Walter- I hope you are referring to diameter, because that is what I am imagining. (Filing thoughts away for shower time later….)

  10. Hey, another little bit of ‘risque’ humour, the fact that it is for a good cause does not stop it being shit. Just donate some fucking money and stop with the ‘ooh, aren’t I being a bit sacuy’ shenanigans.

    Or I will kill some puppies (cute ones with big eyes).

  11. Ah damn it, please don’t tell me this shit is about to start appearing on my fb again!

    Ps … 3 inches 🙂

  12. fabtastic, I was referring to my shoe size.

    But I am fascinated by the gapacity of your love lips. And I’m sure I could produce something to satisfy your hunger, as I happen to be a gardener.

  13. I will support any cancer but breast cancer. Tired of hearing it and there is WAY more threatening cancers.

  14. Oh my fucking god. Did I just read that correctly?

  15. Walter, I didn’t say I could handle that (ouch), just that I was thinking about it. No need to put your gardening skills to work just yet.

  16. Do you wrap your feet like Japanese women used to, Walter?

    It’s a good look, eh .. kinda fucks your balance though.

  17. I jsut dont understand what is wrong with just simply saying “(insert number)% of men/woman die of (insert cancer type), check yourself out. What I really don’t understand is why posting your underwear colour, your relationship status (as fruit?!) or your shoe size has anything to do with cancer.

    If someone cna provide me with evidence to suggest that wearing undies will kill me, or in fact give me breast cancer, I will stop.

  18. Alifus, I have no evidence that wearing undies will give you the boob rot. But going sans panties just makes life more fun for everyone.

  19. hootie the blowfish

    Also Colin, you CAN share your status updates on Facebook only with who you want to instead of all your friends…

  20. vaginalroundhouse

    Oh hai lamebook!

  21. yourmothersayshi

    size doesn’t matter.

    ..ok. maybe a little.

  22. @ mass- the footbinding joke made me giggle.. mostly because whenever walter makes a comment, a picture of charlie chaplin immediately pops in my head.

    i don’t understand why women feel the need to post these stupid statuses. it’s not like cancer leaves men out. hell- even men get breast cancer. i believe the term is slacktavism.

  23. When I saw the ‘C’ in their last name, the first thing that came to my mind was that their last name is Cunt

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  25. 3 1/2 inch shoe size? Walter, are you a traditional Chinese girl?

  26. Apparently, my dad has a bigger cock than me. I wish my mom’s pillow talk wasn’t so emasculating.

  27. 9 and a half wide. Oh, shoe size? No, I won’t say that, it is private.

  28. That’s why FB has that little padlock icon – no need for google 🙂

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