Monday, August 9, 2010

“Innocent” Images

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  1. Scuzzalicious!!

  2. Blah….

  3. Everyone ‘rapes’ a new born baby, what’s the big deal?
    I personally ‘raped’ my nephew couple of times.

  4. Why does the baby have its own facebook profile? lame.

    As for the second one… meh.

  5. Paranoid Android

    1st pic – If you squint, the baby looks like a penis.
    2nd pic – Ian ain’t got shit on me.

    Embolden, italicise and score through that you motherfuckers.

  6. Meh…both are not that funny!

  7. Paranoid made me laugh out loud in the doctor’s office… shhhh

  8. Actually first pic baby looks like a joint ^^;

  9. anonymouseinternetuser

    Neither of these are funny (insert emoticon for disappointed face here).

  10. *facepalm* for the first one.

    2nd one is dumb.

  11. I have no idea why people comment using asterixes to correct these things, instead of just editing the photo caption. Unless Kymberley is not the owner of the photo and is just pointing out something to a friend, this is inexplicable.

  12. The baby may not have its own profile, I know many people who tag the parents of a child as being “in this picture” to give a heads up that it’s posted. Which would also explain why the caption isn’t edited but corrected by a commenter. The asterisks are still silly.

    Although I sometimes correct via comment when I’m on my phone, because sometimes my phone gets cranky and won’t jump to the middle of a sentence to allow editing.

  13. Considering that it is “Alicia” that is all wrapped up, and that a person called Alicia has been tagged in the photo, it is highly likely that this baby has been given the misfortune of having parents who think that it is cool to set-up a facebook account for a child that has no choice in the matter. Hopefully she won’t get circumcised as well.

  14. Ball obsession CATTTZZZZZZZZZ

  15. dirtylittlepretty

    this are both just blah
    but on a side note…I wish I had a joint as big as that baby!

    ciao, phukin lamers

  16. Just realised I wrote ‘asterixes’ instead of ‘asterisks’. I think I would actually be in favour of correcting things using Asterix the Gaul.

  17. silfurkex, I forgive you for ‘asterixes’ since you know about Asterix! Just don’t be too Dogmatix about people making corrections, or you won’t be able to Getafix of comments!

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