Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let the Games Begin

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  1. Jesus never won a silver medal.

  2. I can generate silver medals from my mimetic poly alloy.

  3. The only medal Jesus ever won was the Distinguished Brown Medal of Bummery.

    It is awarded by the Gays every year to that seasons most effeminate pretend son of an imagined deity.

    Last year Zac Effron won.

  4. 1) I love Usain’s name. It makes me think of an insane bolt of lightning.

    2) *Bulimic, possibly.

    3) Jesus built my hotrod.

  5. Jesus built my car.
    It’s a love affair.
    Mainly Jesus and my hot rod.

  6. Unless Emma spent millions to become an official sponser she would have had to misspell ‘Olympics’ on her cupcakes for fear the IOC would send their goons around to squish them all up.

  7. ^that would be the most entertaining thing to happen in relation to the olympics since the 1972 munich massacre.

  8. You’re a sadistic little thing aren’t you?

  9. meh. botched rescue attempts that slaughter all the hostages are always funny. so are little girls crying over squished fairy cakes.
    look it up.

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