Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Internship Advice


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  1. No one forces anyone into an unpaid internship. Also, you’re paid in knowledge and experience. Thinking stealing is justified because of a choice you made to put yourself in a position makes you an ignorant pos.

  2. wendy: That’s a great argument to not pay anyone new in a field then, no matter their age. “So, I see you’ve never been in telecommunications before so we’ll offer you the job unpaid for a year then you can apply “with experience” for one of our paid positions.

  3. There’s entry level and unpaid internship.

    Get the training, experience, knowledge and connections because of an internship means you’re most likely not going to have to start at an entry level and work your way up. Internships are mostly for people, usually in school, to work hard to give them the edge when they finally graduate and enter the job market officially. Those who take advantage of the opportunity and then cry and steal because of it won’t be successful anyway.

    If someone doesn’t want to take an unpaid internship then take a job at an entry level, make crap money, and struggle to work your way up while NOT stealing from the company.

    If I’m 50 and want to suddenly apply for a position in a field I have no experience or knowledge of why would any company hire me? Seriously? Internships are a chance for people to gain knowledge and experience of a field without a company taking a risk of wasting money paying them for what might be no positive return.

  4. Is there a street market demand for printer toner?

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