Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It Can’t

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  1. 1st world problems

  2. What a coincidence – Steeeever just tried to grab some kids after luring them with orange Starburst!

  3. I knew it would get worse. I just slipped on a 5 dollar bill!

  4. If you grab Candy it’s your fault if you get flowers!

  5. If you keep giving candy to kids you don’t know, it’s your own fault if you go to jail and get raped.

  6. The real question is who in God’s name doesn’t like orange Starbursts

  7. I like the lemon and cherry pieces.

  8. Paul could get mauled by a lion because he smells like Orange Starbursts. That’s how the day could get worse…

  9. ^or even worse, they could’ve been yellow Starbursts.

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