Thursday, July 29, 2010

It Runs in the Family

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  1. Just wanted to say that sometimes quitting smoking while pregnant causes miscarriages. I’m only here because my mom kept smoking while she was pregnant with me, she lost two babies from quitting. And I’m cool and what not 😛 Not sayin’ that’ll happen everytime or that women should keep smoking while pregnant, just saying she COULD have had a previous miscarriage from quitting last time.

    Now the beer is another matter. And props to whoever made Raydon be a boy. Cause no girl should ever have to live with at stupidass name like that.

  2. ^@ say whatnaow. That is a common misconception that it is worse to quit due to stress etc. You should never smoke while pregnant and there are no extenuating circumstances to that. If you want to get pregnant, quit before trying it is as simple as that.

  3. @ lilnaks I can still smoke rock though right?

  4. Radon is chemically inert, but it’s radioactive. Long-term exposure to radon seeping from the soil int a house can cause cancer.

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