Monday, September 9, 2013

It Turns Out

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  1. …it turns out they are quite trashy and horrible at dancing/twerking.

  2. Fucking it fucking turns fucking out. Fuck you.

  3. In before STEEEEEVERRRRRR! Where are you, you filthy rim-jobber?

  4. Noobsauce, are you okay?
    You seem really tense…

  5. Batman
    Star Wars
    The Sixth Sense
    Harry Potter
    The Usual Suspects
    Fight Club
    A Beautiful Mind

  6. I’m proud of myself
    Go me

  7. Group question: Name your favorite wrestler

  8. Ric Flair, pre-life falling apart. I fucking hate Stever though, the cocksucker.

  9. Stone Cold Steeeever Austin

  10. 70% of rape victims think they know their attacker….

    Sounds like Emily is giving it away.

  11. I want to be angus’s friend…

  12. … find out they’re a Dreaded Pirate for a living.

    ….you realize that they have 6 fingers on their right hand…and you have to kill them.

    …one of your buddies is so slobbering drunk he can’t buy brandy. And your other buddy (“the Big Guy”) is thinking about being unemployed and moving to Greenland.

  13. ^is he don rickle’s writer?

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