Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It’s a Guy Thing

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  1. Must be a girl thing to be a hypocrite. Push up bras and makeup anyone? It’s like a god damn magic show when that shit comes off.

  2. Add some powdered toast to gain that extra inch!


  3. Turd, I’m sure there are plenty of au naturale ladies out there for the taking, if you consider make-up and push-up bras to be deceptive. They probably don’t shave either, which is more ‘honest’.

  4. I’m toying with an idea, if I was to simply put “PTM!!!!!” at the end of my comments, would you all still read it as the full on all caps yelling that I do? It’s kind of a pain to have to type it all out every time. I know you will all be honest with me seeing as we’re such a close knit group. Honestly, you guys (and gals) are the only friends I really have.

  5. PTM – I would just have that sig copied to a txt file somewhere, ready to be pasted. It wouldn’t be the same without it.

    Bacchante – never use my name in bold font again.

  6. Powdered toast man I hope steeever kicks your ass

  7. Perhaps that sandwich is shorter than it should be, but it seems to not be lacking in girth.

  8. Never mind the length, is that what passes for bread at Subway?

  9. maybe it’s only a foot long when it’s hard.

  10. I sense some hostility in Mr. Ferguson. Or a huge void…;)

  11. Shrinkage. “I was in the pool! I was in the pool!”

  12. One day america will convert to metric with the rest of the civilised world. Maybe then the fat fucks would eat less too.

  13. subway stores smell like plastic.

  14. Toastbitch… How about about you just leave your username out of all your comments?
    Honestly, I would stop feeling so annoyed.
    Join the conversations

  15. I prefer women with push-up bras, make-up and shaven. And if we’re just filling a wish list here, gagged and duct taped as well.

  16. @Bacchante – nothing wrong with a little hair ‘down there’ some of us like it natural. I’m not talking 70s style bush but I find it weird when guys obsess over shaven. The majority of real women don’t go bald.

  17. ^So, I read bacchante’s post to mean shaven legs, armpits…

    you went straight to the main arena.

    Ever heard of foreplay?

  18. ^ haha, since my wife is 7 months preg, that’s pretty much ALL I get these days.

  19. I don’t do the make-up or push-up thing. I show my ugly mug to the world and don’t need padding.

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