Thursday, October 11, 2012

It’s All About Self Respect…

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  1. Apparently he was really turned on by the the fact that his lightsaber looked good.

  2. The Schwartz is bupkist

  3. This is child pornography.

  4. shiveredthetimbers

    i don’t wanna see thaaaaat, it’s burned into my retinas.

  5. I see that he has two light sabers.

  6. ow, come on, where’s the classic?

    “The virginity is strong in this one.”

  7. I’m pretty sure publishing this contravenes something, even if he did post it himself… lame book smarten the fuck up.. I, for one, do not want to see semi naked teenagers

    if this was my kid I’d hunt you down and go all Man on fire on your arse

  8. I have a sneaky suspiscion that who we are seeing in this picture is the one and only……MSANNETHROPE!!!!!

  9. Light saber, stiffy, pathetic mo and $300 computer.
    Move on, there’s nothing to else to comment on ‘ere

  10. I’ve been staring at that young boy’s light saber for far longer than i care to admit. I’m gonna assume he’s 18 or lamebook wouldn’t have posted it. He does have a moostash after all.

  11. I was able to grow a full beard at 16, and so were some of my friends. My mustache at 14 was similar to this kid’s. Facial hair is not a good indication for age.

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