Thursday, July 2, 2009

It’s Going to be a Long July for Jamie’s Friends


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  1. Looks like Chip has got it going as well.

  2. I can’t stand self-important people like this. Even in jest.

  3. I have friends like this.

  4. LOL @ Chip

  5. GO CANCER!!

  6. “Go cancers” is definitely my fav part.

  7. I find myself often rooting for Cancer as well with these types of people.

  8. This is a good way to get 0 people to show up to your ACTUAL birthday.

  9. a)”birth month”
    b) Fail

  10. Her birthday intrudes on my birthday lifetime

  11. Im starting to think it should be reduced to birthday hour!!!

  12. Thank you for the new dose enthusiasm Chip. I bet she appreciates it 😀

  13. I love the genuine frustration of Kathleen #2’s post.

  14. I’m with PennyLane (commenter #13), Kathleen #2 totally FTW.

  15. lol. you guys beat me to the go cancer bit

  16. Jamie’s a Leo.

  17. Jamie is beyond pathetic.

  18. Thank fuck I'm not American

    This slut needs to die.

  19. One name: J. Yang.

  20. I just hope, for the sake of his friends that his birthday was somewhere in the next 5-6 days…

  21. #20 no its 31’st it says so in the comment

  22. That guys icon looks like kermit >.>

  23. my name says it all.

  24. I Misread the penultimate comment! Ha!

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