Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It’s Personal

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  1. I’d like to break John’s neck *snap snap*

  2. Good news, Kylie: You actually only have to go 3, maybe 4 months without getting pregnant to avoid having a baby this year.

  3. Good news, Kylie: the abortion clinic will be happy to help you keep your resolution!

    Also, I don’t see what’s wrong with the first one. He could be imprisoned for disobeying some fascist anti-drug law or for some other sort of civil disobedience.

  4. Judging from her spelling/grammar skills, I don’t think that’s the case…

  5. Such terrible names for children… Rydah and Ashtyn?

  6. Better names than Louis, you won’t have all the kids in grade school calling you Lewis because your parents decided to be French.

  7. No, John, he’s just playing hard to get.

  8. Stop having so many babies. What are we, bacteria?

  9. No, Hawkbit, we are a virus. Get it right.

  10. thanks for the lols jismbert!

  11. mad2physicist- Understandable that all people in prison aren’t necessarily shameful people, but visiting one is a lot like taking a huge dump; nothing wrong with it, but probably not worthy of a large audience. I’d like to suggest the guy could be a prison guard, but it’s hard to give benefit of doubt to somebody who can’t even construct a coherent sentence about visiting a prison.

  12. “…a lot like taking a huge dump; nothing wrong with it, but probably not worthy of a large audience.”

    not a Veronica Moser fan, then?

  13. She also said ‘babys daddy’ is that a term of endearment ?

    Ya, wtf @ rydah ? I’m all for ebonics when used in an comedic tone not real life though

  14. Now if these were black girls there would be a whole bunch of races comments….but I guess it’s okay for white girls to be trashy.

  15. *racist

  16. To be fair, trashy people of all colours and creeds annoy me equally. How can you tell if they’re white though? Is it the names, or the blurred photos, helping you to categorise them?

  17. It’s because the first one is “Bailey,” obviously named after mom’s favorite white-man drink, and probably the reason she got pregnant in the first place.

  18. Ah, thank you, beatus. By that logic though, my firstborn will be lucky to have the very normal name Jack, but my next two kids (Corona and Captain Morgan) will probably be teased mercilessly. Good thing I didn’t get pregnant as a teen, or I may have birthed a Wipeout.

  19. ^ haha. like my two daughters; Midori and Southern Comfort?
    Or their brother, Cheap Scotch? :/

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