Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It’s WINSday!

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  1. its not mine… i shot mine down hayleys throat… what a slut

  2. cat pee.

  3. drew = win

  4. poo!

  5. My old Grateful Dead poster.

  6. Ben fluoresces. Therefore so does Frodo and herpes.

  7. oh it’s that Rick thing again…note to self: do NOT click on any links…

    Alt+F4 doesn’t shut down the computer – it just closes the program you had open. Wonder what Lauren pressed… * giggles * computer illiterate girls are funny…

  8. hi monkey… i will never give you up

  9. @slimjayz: what will wordpervert say?

  10. Oh good lord, I have been with my guy forever and we have never done any weirdo, nauseating crap like that. Makes me wince. Honestly some people shouldn’t be aloud to get into relationships.

  11. word knows i’d never let her down

  12. allowed*

  13. @disdain

    um, what are you talking about? Do I need to catch you up to speed on rick astley?

  14. Pie charts are always fun.

    Rick Rolls stopped being fun about seventy minutes before somebody first RickRolled somebody else.

    Also pie charts aren’t ever fun.

  15. i love malteaser too

    Why Rick Astley, you kiss the girls and make them cry, don’t you, you playa you?

    @slim: Where is Astley most likely to kiss the girls?

  16. Jason FTW!! It’s fun playing jokes on the non-tech savvy.

  17. LOL @ Slim.

    @Dcrearview ohhh word has nothing to worry about! i’m only a minor addition to his harem. Experience wise, they’ve all got me beat. So, I pretty much make the bed again or reset the cushions on the couch or arrange the table again or clean the stains off the carpet, curtains, etc after they’ve taken care of business…


  18. p.s. @ slim I will never let you down!

  19. i love malteaser too

    There was probably a pun aloud out there, that I missed.

  20. Also, live scorpions fluoresce under blacklights.

    *The More You Know*

  21. oh hobo… rick rolls will never stop being funny… i saw one time where a guy sent a message into some prayer hour on tv… the priest said, ‘look at this touching one and its so true. God will never give you up, he will never let you down and he wont run around and desert you’

    @i love mal too… i dont know

  22. @monkey c

    thats good that you wont let me down cuz you arent gonna get this from any other guy

  23. slim, you do have quite a harem! It must be your charm. And speaking of which, where is that word?

  24. Rick Astley singing makes me cry tears of pain and horror 100% of the time.

    So that pie chart would have to be greatly adjusted from that measly 8% to be right for me.

  25. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    ^ there she is!

  26. Makenzie’s answer’s useless. Why say anything like the real answer’s some kind of secret? Say it or shut up.

    But I love a good pie.

  27. I heard you ee, and I came.

    It’s very early here, but I went to sleep early last night.

    I’m known to be an early bird.

  28. I stayed up late last night, hoping to run into you, but I just missed ya. *tear falls*

  29. when i hear ee i cum also

  30. Ahh the time zone dilemma we face.

    It can be a difficult challenge, well it seems to be of late.

    I’m ALWAYS looking out for you though.

    We offended someone yesterday ee and slim.

    Oops we did it again.

  31. We always offend someone! They have no sense of humor, or adventure!

    Thanks slim, you have that same effect on me too!

  32. lol

  33. Reading ee, word, and slim is like watching three-ways everyday. It’s great.

  34. Rick Astley jokes stopped being funny when he took it as an invitation to start touring again.

    I think the irony was lost on him.

  35. Also, I haven’t had any Soup for almost a week now, and I’m really starting to feel its absence from my diet.
    I need its nutrient value.

    It’s essential for my well being.

  36. He has been pretty scarce. He must not know how much we heart him and his noodle, word!

  37. Yes ee, very scarce. To me, he’s a variety of Soup that’s very prized and rare, and only served in the highest end restaurants.

    I see him like a beautiful bisque, with a subtle flavour of saffron, served with exquisite tender shellfish.
    And there has to be the rare and expensive white truffle in there somewhere.

    See how much I rate you Soup?

  38. LOL @ slim! Now that would have been great to see

  39. i’m really feelin the love here guys. jeez. i’m gone for a few days and you’ve already moved on. thanks.

    and yeah the scorpions do, it’s pretty cool actually.

  40. word, ee and slim – regarding the offending of someone yesterday – i happen to enjoy the back and forth between you guys. i like your comments a helluv a lot better than the lame posts that lamebook puts up. your comments are really the only reason i come. i still get confused as to why people get so offended.

  41. sexluther, I’ve noticed your absence as well my love, don’t you worry.

    virgo79, I’m glad you appreciate how we suffer for our art.
    I keep an eye on you too, and I like you.

  42. The Rick Astely one was kind of funny, the rest were pretty predictable and lame.

  43. I believe there are a lot of rick rolling christian tv videos on YouTube, nothing beats the “Fresh Prince of The Dark Side” one though.

  44. word- why thank you. i feel kinda special.

  45. I am amazed daily at the fucked up names people give their kids on here. wtf kind of name is Nanilisa?

  46. RAVERS! Ravers floresce under blacklight. 😀

  47. love the piechart. Very funny.

  48. Aaah, I love coming to threads that have been touched by my favourite commentors. word, slim, ee, malteaser, hobo and dc (and father sha, mccowles & soup when they’re around)…. you keep me smiling every day! Big fan, dudes/dudettes. Big fan.

  49. The first one has been done often, and better, at
    Liked the second one

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