Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It’s WINSday!

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  1. Not to be one of those people who goes “hey look lamebook/the person writing the status stole from blah blah blah and that means it’s not funny”, but that hearing aids joke is so from Cyanide and Happiness.

  2. the names in #3 can’t be real

  3. I was reading thru some old comments and it’s a problem when people start putting their personal garbage on these comments like my wife told me the doc says she has stds and i was like fuckin a man I told her i hadn’t been sleeping wit any women or nothing but I was in NZ and they say do roman stuff when traveling but who wants a dirty sheep when 26 perverts been up in there already planting weeds in your garden bed run and tell dat

  4. @Walter real talk!!1

  5. lmfao walter <4 for u

  6. @kojak (I don’t know why)

    The best thing to do is just sit back, don’t get involved and bask in the warm, comforting irony of the fact that people air their dirty laundry on a site dedicated to ridiculing people that air their dirty laundry.

  7. P.S

    <b = congenital heart disease love.

  8. Psst, Valerie. Taylor also misspelled community. Do you go to community college too?

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Junebug The purple-shirted eye stabber is awesome. C&H rules.

  10. I can’t speak for everyone, but losing my virginity wasn’t all it was hyped to be….but it gets better and better 🙂

  11. The first one is stupid no matter where it came from: you can like being raped, I guess, but he’s probably listening to it on purpose. So it’s really just a good fuck.

    And how can Leigh or Amit not be real names? I’ve known a few of both, and Amit is a common ethnic name. Alfonsus, on the other hand …

  12. Walter, you’re one funny fuck. Nahmeen?

  13. lol Sobchak you don’t want to shear with perverts? I was one of those today (not the pervert), totally went over the edge. Pity there’s no recall option.

    Leigh made me smile, but junebug ftw for mentioning Cyanide & Happiness, gonna order it right now 🙂

  14. I’m just here to say: I hate scantron tests. For someone who has a hard time focusing and fails at word-finds, scantrons are NOT EFFING HELPFUL. F.

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    “but junebug ftw for mentioning Cyanide & Happiness”

    Saffer I think so too.

    Also, anybody else anticipating all the Greg Giraldo jokes that will be on lamebook tommorow?

  16. p.s. Cyanide and Happiness best of:

    “I’m pregnant!”
    “Not anymore!”

    “You never pay attention to me.”
    “HOLY SHIT! The bench just spoke!”

    “So, you like parties?”

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    *Squeeze* 🙂

  18. 😮 Grinderman! <3

  19. … what IS it like, anyway?

  20. whatever happened to humpday? we could at least celebrate that since there are no wins

  21. I feel like yoink is back but worst. Today I was eating my wurst and mustard sandwich in the kitchen with this pa girl and my boss walks by a says HEALTH FOOD FOR LUNCH AGAIN YEAH DUDE and I was like stfu asshole and I got permission to go home early and COOL MY ASS OUT and I’ve used up all my ice but I’m so relaxed.

  22. I almost forgot my point so empty a 2 liter bottle of coke then fill it with water then stick it in the freezer for like 3 days then take it out then cut the plastic away with a utility knife or exacto knife then put it on the floor maybe in your back yard like I do because it can get messy then park your sphincter over the top then lower it and raise and repeat and that’s what it’s like!!

  23. Recall recall

  24. I want to live inside Walter‘s icehole.

  25. Alfonsus says their is no better feeling then a win,.. he should try waggling his finger about in his poop chute at the point of orgasm.

  26. Hearing aids… that shit’s for life.

  27. @Dukey and Saffer

    LOL FAG!!

  28. Charlotte Sometimes

    Oh my Jesus, fuck Caleb for reminding me the horror of scantron tests. One too many times I have passed those wretched sheets through the stupid scoring machine for lazy teachers who trust their selected student NOT to change their answers with the answer key all in their face. Always sounded like a machine gun. Meaning everyone failed.
    No more scantron tests for me though… (shiver)

  29. Wow, I have never had a a scantron test where a student turned them in. What school did you go to? Everywhere I’ve gone, the teacher turns them in.

    Also, pretty sure community college is just cheaper, not a place for stupid people to go.

  30. No, trust, it’s also a place where morons congregate. Yes, CC’s are cheaper, but trust, I did my two years there and it is also for idiots, it’s the people taking 6-10 years you gotta watch out for.

  31. @30, I read the first sentence and thought you were explaining Washington D.C.

  32. Everyone that I know from coolege doesn’t know what Washington D.C. is.

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