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  1. Scanning document…

    Lameness not immediately appearing…

    Commence argument in comments.

  2. Agree with Rave

  3. I’m guessing they posted this because of Jade’s grammar.

    Should have read something like: “Doesn’t look like you’re having too much fun from all the posts I’ve read”

  4. This is kind of how things go with my Mom. “How have you been?” … and several hours later I completely regret that I even asked.

  5. Yeah, nothing to see here. Shitty grammar and spelling alone don’t really do it for me.

  6. From the category they filed it into, it looks like it’s being posted because Monika is talking about dating a married guy and kissing someone on base and everything being shitty and another 8 sentences. I guess Lamebook_Admin_17 (the username of the guy working today) thinks Monika is giving Too Much Information for a public wall.


  7. TMI and awkward.

  8. i chuckled about fort bliss part…

    and exactly why women shouldnt serve in the military…

  9. I bet Al’Queda don’t have to put up with this from *their* soldiers.

  10. TMI, awkwardness, and far too much negativity. Monika’s situation isn’t lame, but the fact that she would post it on facebook is.

  11. @dew, how about you shut the fuck up and go back to your 9-5 job at Jack in the Box?

    Every group has one bad apple, this is no exception.

  12. Lamebook you’re slacking.

  13. It’s not in-your-face lame, but it is kind of over share. The saying “Don’t tell your friends about your indigestion; how are you is a greeting, not a question” comes to mind.

  14. TMI to the max.

  15. Maybe it’s lame because Monica mentioned myspace?
    Taking aim at lousy advertising

  16. Lamebook is for fun and the name says it all: We post lame and funny pictures, status updates, and other gems found on your favorite social networking site.

  17. It’s lame because she’s complaining about the whole fort knowing bout some guy she kissed, but she’s telling everyone on the web abt it.

  18. Meh…

  19. “How have you been?” is usually a question out of politeness, not actually wanting to know the person’s life story.

  20. Unless you’re German. They never ask unless they actually want to know.

  21. “I’m ok, thanks. Broke up with my boyfriend, things are a little weird on base, leaving for Iraq soon. How are you?” is how normal people who make bad decisions answer.

    Monika has no couth and hence, finds herself on Lamebook.

  22. i find the fact that the girl said looks like things havent been going well for you hilarious

  23. Jesus, I’ve submitted heaps of stuff that is actually worthy of lamebook and they put this up instead?? I don’t get it.

  24. AHHHHHHH, first off i love how sawyer (commenter) just casually lets us know that grammer just dosent do it for him any more, thats good stuff.

  25. @Trillian

    I’m thinking it’s random. But worry not. The lulz shall arrive.

  26. My immediate thought on reading it was that it’s lame because this woman is carrying on like a 16-year-old – “OMG my boyfriend’s married, OMG his wife was on my myspace page eeeeeewwww, OMG I kissed a boy, I think I liked it etc etc”, followed by “I’m off to Iraq tomorrow”??!! Like, gee, I’m so glad you’re in there with the troops.

    Having said that, not worthy of LB because just not THAT lame or THAT funny.

  27. I sent one in about a girl blaming her miscarriage on walmart.. and it hasnt gotten posted.. but this shit does.

  28. @Trillian

    Because of the crap they’ve put up today I need some laughs.

  29. Ask a simple question, get a looooooooooooong answer.

  30. It’s lame becuase she’s worried about some douchebag guy, when she’s fighting a war. Does no one else get that? Prioties people

  31. Thank you, Jeff. I imagine it’s lame because she’s talking like this is all happening at Sweet Valley High and then you realise that it’s happening in the romantic setting of some army base, soon to be transferred to Az Kazimayah, Iraq’s answer to Venice. Her priorities are the amusing/lame element of this post. Ta much.

  32. what a dumbass bitch. she should stay in iraq. they need girls like him, to make more people.

  33. “they need girls like him, to make more people.”

    This statement confuses me.

  34. @liz 27

    oo please show us the walmart miscarriage
    sounds interesting AND will cause some controversy and (mass) debates!

  35. Is Walmart just the American version of Asda or Tesco?

    How can a supermarket be blamed for a miscarriage, please?

  36. so shes flying out to iraq to see this solider guy she kissed the other night?

  37. This totally reminds me of an FB friend of mine, whose sister is totally concerned about her because every second status update revolves around how shit her life is and how noone seems to care.

  38. Why is she doing it? It’s not easy!

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