Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jamaican Me Crazy

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  2. vaginalroundhouse

    ^^^Lamebook has no STEEEEEVEEERR, Lamebook needs no STEEEEEEVEEERR

  3. its funny when black guys talk all black and then inclued “lmfao” or “lol” in their posts.

  4. i like how he can come over tonight, then is suddenly in jamaica.

  5. mer: that’s what funny…

  6. It’s funny that you assume it’s a black guy that wrote this when it could be any non-black guy.

  7. Kib, don’t kid yourself… this is clearly the doing of a blackyblack.

  8. damn, Stever

  9. @Celine: i read it as the “best of luck” thing was the lol-factor.

  10. It’s not every day you get to move to Bail City, Jamaica with your parents. That’s what you get for using GreatValu [tm] condoms. Next time, go for the Trojans.

  11. I’m so sorry STEEEEVEEEERRRR for saying lamebook doesn’t need you. I have a serious bromance crush on you and want your balls. I really look up to you and you are a person whom I admire deeply and hope to someday be like.
    Best regards,

  12. Fake and lame…

  13. THIS IS NOT FROM FACEBOOK!! If anyone at Lamebook has any kind of eyes or brains they would realize that the pic is from iPhone’s Message-app. Plus this is totally fake

  14. fake or not.. that shit is funny

  15. “holla” is clearly the best part of this post.

  16. OMG, myname! You are so incredibly right! Thank you for shining the light of truth on that vile and frankly slightly arousing lie!

    I will now go shoot kittens

  17. vaginal roundhouse…you are seriously not funny. EVER. please stop trying

  18. vivianx can eat my shorts.

  19. FAIL!

  20. condom wise that is

  21. Please, a black man would not even utter the ultra-honkey words “best of luck” in this situation, via text. Or iPhone message board or what-the-hell-ever.

  22. how can you THINK a condom broke? did he not feel it? did neither of them see it?

  23. Yay, another douche who can’t own up to his actions and defends himself because “she’s a slut”. It takes two to tango, asshole.

  24. @ gandalf

    I 100% agree

  25. Zteeever likes itup theassssss

  26. This is exactly what I would expect from someone from a Georgia area code (and I mean that for both possibilities, real or fake for a joke).

  27. So I submitted this, my friend posted it on his fb wall, and I’m pretty sure it was legit cause he’s not the smartest/nicest person around. His other friend posted it on reddit so it’s spreading a bit.

    By the way, yes, he is black. And no, he didn’t write that lmfao stuff. Lamebook took some liberties.

  28. Heartless niggas that can’t take responsibility….they should go on Maury or Jerry Springer and do a test since he’s pussying out that much….so sad and pathetic. Be a man, not a woman.

  29. Terrible. This is so wrong it is not even funny. Actually, it still is.

  30. Ever thought that maybe the girl just said that so he could stop bugging her, I mean, if the condom broke…wouldn’t he have known?! He was wearing it! Also, in a real case of missed periods, the girl doesn’t wait till 2 weeks for the dude to contact her to spill the beans, she goes like the next day after they were due…
    As for heartless ‘niggas’ that can’t take responsibility…last time I checked Maury had all Caucasians and Hispanics too, so KEONA, quit acting like your race is any better, you have unaccounted-for bastards as well. I hate idiots who use the ‘discreteness opportunity of such websites to spread bigotry! Yeah I went there!

  31. Hard facts of life

    Sorry I have to explain the way this works to you, “me”, but a girl’s period doesn’t always come on a single specific day. Actually, it’s pretty random. We can predict when we THINK it’s going to start, but there are women who just plain have irregular periods.

    Mmm… hard facts…

  32. LMAO Hard Facts just made “me” her bitch! No, I do not mean ‘me’ as in myself.

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