Monday, July 4, 2011


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  1. hootie the blowfish

    Damn, maybe I need to start going to church. I didn’t know it got this raunchy.

  2. FIRST,niggaz! Party at my house tonight. Call all the hoes you met on your entire life.

  3. Oh snap! Party cancelled then.

  4. I don’t actually laugh out loud at much on Lamebook but this had me going

  5. The creepy religious undertones mix well with the homosexual ones

  6. That’s *it*??? I waited all weekend with baited breath and that’s all you guys submit??! smh… -_-‘

  7. The holy ghost voyeur at the side of them is rather creepy!

  8. @Afrocomb: *lol* nice one!

  9. This was for a church camp project called “what I did at church camp”. The titles are at the bottoms of the pics.

    Oh and holy ghost fapping to the side is winning.

  10. Well Afrosheen, once again you managed to make me LOL. Be my apprentice….

  11. comparethemeerkat

    So that kid calls his dad Jesus? That’s a bit weird.

  12. The right hand of the ‘Disiple’ looks like he is giving the H.G. a H.J. Or is that some kind of shark fin?

    Bible Camp Hummer FTW!

  13. At second look, his wide smile is even more disturbing

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