Thursday, December 9, 2010


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  1. nom nom nom

  2. Om nom nom nom no stever nom nom

  3. God moves in mysterious ways… he moonwalks, does the caterpillar, and also does that body popping thing which makes him look like he’s double jointed.

  4. All dogs do not go to heaven… I know at least three that for sure aren’t getting past the pearly gates… not on my watch

  5. Fuck religion. You can keep it.

  6. Chuckled at Meagan.

    mattymc – Go fuck yourself and quit spamming your website.

  7. Ditto what Stretch said.

    FUCK OFF mattymc – especially with your half-arsed attempt at humour preceding obvious attempts to spam.

  8. So, all the idiots yelling at mattymc, here’s some info.
    What mattymc is, is a spambot. Bot is short for robot, which fucking means it’s essentially just a program, that’s designed to come on here (and who knows what other sites) and spam. It’s not ever going to “listen” or reply. It has to be banned or taken down. It would be more productive to contact LB higher ups and get mattymc banned.

  9. #1 No
    #2 Prayer fixes everything but medical issues. If you have inoperable cancer, no amount of begging and crying to God is going to save you. Chemo rape might give you time.

    #3 Reminds me of Grilled Cheesus.

  10. Prayer does nothing except ease the minds of those who won’t help themselves.

  11. @Keona

    If you’ll notice, mattymc always makes a comment that is (just barely) relevant to the thread he’s posting on. SPAMbot’s aren’t that intelligent. Neither are you. Permission granted for you to go fuck yourself, as well.

  12. *yourself as well

    FUCK. Random comma fail.

  13. I already do, Stretch. Your all knowing cock is too much for me. Thanks for the concern though.

  14. My point still stands: Idiots have been bitching at him for quite some time, whether he is a bot or not doesn’t matter at this point. He’s not listening. Probably even laughing that people are getting so annoyed and worked up over him. I ignore him, and skim right past him every post. It avoids wasting anger on someone who clearly won’t listen. It’s like the others see him and choose to get mad…ignoring typed words isn’t all that difficult.

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