Wednesday, May 26, 2010

JurasSICK Park

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  1. badasscooldude

    House (Hugh Laurie’s character, not the show, at least not including season 6) <3
    Season 6 went downhill and the finale was meh but I have hope for the future.

  2. There’s six seasons? Awesome, I’m only on episode 3, which means I have like… seventy billion awesome hours of House to catch up on.

  3. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    @53: Is what a coincidence? That two people posted the same link?

  4. badasscooldude

    Don’t get too hopeful, season 4 has like 14 episodes!

  5. BeautifullyDizzy

    OMFG! LMAO!!

    How in hell is she even in a high enough level of education to be writing a research paper?? She must do A LOT of favours for her teachers.

    “i Need Sum On Help On Dis Shit”
    Anyone else notice that the one word that she should have capitalised is the only word that she didn’t use a capital for?

  6. That was SHIT the first thing I COCK BURGER noticed Dizzy WHORE SHIT.

    It’s about time FUCK NUT Lamebook posted B-B-BALL HOLDER something halfway decent. I was getting a little DICK CHEESE worried that Lamebook COCK CHUGGING ANAL SLUT was walking the ASS MASTER plank.


  7. rockinghorsefly

    How is someone so stupid still alive?

  8. badasscooldude

    Tourette Syndrome means involuntary actions, not necessarily cursing. It’s just the most “noticeable” and TV-popular Tourette group.

    My 9 years old sister had to do a research paper on fucking Gravity and she is in 3rd grade. Naturally, I did it, throwing in some stuff I learned in “Intro to General Relativity”, “Black Holes and Spacetime” and so on, as a 6th semester physics student. The teacher supposedly loved it and gave her a bonus mark, but that’s because she probably didn’t understand a word of what I had written. There were formulas :D.

  9. badasscooldude


    I bet her IQ is higher than yours, but only because God assigned it as an unsigned int (naturally) but hers got so low, it turned out to be negative (faulty code allowed it, God sucks as a programmer) and so it got to be 4294967196, the highest IQ in the universe (-100). Of course IQ is just an arbitrary number which is governed by the human, so having a high IQ doesn’t make you smart, being smart gives you a high IQ. As it seems by my theory, being unimaginably stupid, gives you an even higher IQ!

  10. I like this bad ass cool dude.

  11. If this is the same Brittany, this facebook post has to be from like 3 years ago.

  12. Posting the same link three times in one thread, completely oblivious to other instances, as a result of completely ignoring other posts FTW!

    Make it four!

  13. gregory house is a god.

  14. Seems a few people on the net have questions about “Terex” syndrome. Oddness. I’d love to see the results of her assignment.

  15. Hugh Laurie is god. Gregory House is one of his names. Having a religious Jewish upbringing, going to a religious grade school and turning completely Atheist, getting disowned and going to study physics with a generous scholarship made me realize that.

  16. So, since those afflicted with Tourette syndrome often suffer from involuntary jerking motions, if one of them was involuntarily made to put their hand on my penis, would that be wrong? Or would it be like multiplying by two negative numbers and coming out with a glorious positive?

  17. No, not wrong at all, Soup. Also keep in mind that at the same time, they’ll be spewing all sorts of expletives. Sounds like a good time to me.

  18. Paranoid Android

    @ Soup & word – along with the facial ticks and you have one hell of a party going on there.

  19. @Paranoid Android

    Exactly! They were winking at me. What was I supposed to think?

    Unless you actually meant they had ticks on their faces, in which case it plays right into my Lyme disease fetish and … oh god, I just came.

  20. Paranoid Android

    Fuck my inept spelling – *TICS; defence = early morning/late night

    Lyme disease FTW.

  21. As a long term Tourettes sufferer all I have to say about this post is “Fuck you mother pissing shit cock wang mustard loving wank bags!”

  22. Can you give me a hand for a minute?

  23. NO. No, uh-uh. Brittany can’t be a real person. Fucktards this epic don’t exist.

    *there’s no place like home, there;s no place like home…*

  24. I am slightly worried that Brittany is suffering from an undiagnosed case of DISSLECKSEE-ER. Perhaps Charles could update her on the symptoms of this chronic illness that she is presenting:

    Being a cum soaked, illiterate, cock swallowing yankee fuck doodle.

  25. badasscooldude

    How did this thread degenerate to receiving sexual favors from mildly disadvantaged people?

  26. Did anyone see this on yahoo answers?

    Haha oh gosh, I’ll stop contributing pointlessly now

  27. *headdesk* People. I was the first person who posted the Yahoo answers link. It’s old now. (You guys fail.)

  28. Guys, I need some help on my Youth in Asia assignment… I have no idea what they have to do with pulling the plug on gramma!

  29. You fail. Horribly. Charles wins.

  30. I just need to say that the second person to comment on this post is an idiot. Caps on every word is very much incorrect, which makes that person a hypocrite for calling people too lazy/stupid for abreviating small words.
    I’m not saying I’m a genious in grammar whatsoever, but if you’re going to correct someone, you have to be grammatically correct yourself.

    I’m done now.

  31. Also, as for the post, I’m quite ashamed that my name is Brittany. This chick is an idiot and needs to go back to third grade.

  32. @82
    Sure poster number two just wasn’t taking the piss as Brittany was doing the same thing?

  33. @75 I love how stupid and fat people are automatically assumed to be American. I’ll be sure to start bashing Brits on some of the more lame posts in the future.

  34. Actually Brittany is almost certainly not British. She most probably is from somewhere in North America, because nowhere else in the English-speaking world is ‘Britney’ or any alternative spelling (especially one as awful as Brittany) a particularly common name.
    In Britain we don’t tend to call any form of assignment a ‘paper’ or a ‘report’ as often as people in the US seem to.
    So I hate to rain on the pity parade, but in this case it might not be such a mindless stereotype to assume that Britney is American… and if anything she might be proving just why people have the stereotype in the first place :p

  35. lamefook, I’ll assume you’re British as you say ‘we’..

    ..I would recommend you check your assumptions before you adopt such a superior tone. Considering your proximity to France, surely.. SURELY.. you are aware that Brittany is not any kind of ‘awful’ alternative spelling but actually the original (and some might say ‘correct’) spelling, considering it is a very well-known north-western region of your cross-Channel neighbour?

    Can you please stop propagating the stereotype that British people are snobby wankers? Your fellow citizens don’t appreciate it.

  36. @ juski

    I’m pretty sure lamebook is Canadian. We also use British English.

  37. purplepolkadots

    @ Leels

    I don’t know about “lamefook,” but Lamebook is definitely not Canadian. It’s based in Texas of the USA.

  38. RenegadeSoldier


    Yeah, right… this shit has Canadian written all over it! I have never met so many ignorant individuals in all my life.

  39. @RenegadeSoldier
    A) You have “met” none of these people
    B) Calling Canadians ignorant really only makes yourself sound ignorant. Canadians are anything but.
    As a people, Canadians can laugh at the Canada is wimpy and pathetic jokes. Or Canadians speak funny, or they’re all hockey loving red-necks. This is the stereotype we have come to accept the world sees.

    The world sees Americans as fat, lazy, ignorant and loud mouthed. This is your stereotype. Grow up and learn to laugh at it.

  40. Yes b’y this b’y gots to learn how we Canadians get on, eh? I mean sure I go for an ice fish in my parka every morning and have my moose steaks every night, but my son it’s best kind! Gotta get ’em all fresh though so I use the musket my grampa used at Vimy Ridge! Then I just settles down to some Hockey Night in Canada and watch Don Cherry rip the European players a new one! Drown it down with some good local beer, whether it’s Kokanee or Keith’s, so long is it’s at least 5%, no light beer up here!

    I can certainly laugh at myself. Can we all?

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