Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just 4 Words

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  1. “I am first bitches”

  2. “My husband is home”

  3. “I can’t use apostrophies”

  4. “Okay, DanR’s husband’s home!”

  5. Paranoid Android72

    Cunt cunt cunt cunt. Or:-

    Here’s some butterfly’s, cunt.

  6. Give you butterfly’s WHAT?

  7. Here are some butterflies.

  8. Everyone missed the obvious?

    “I have a dick.”

  9. Obviously it’s: I like to swallow.

  10. I’m not en expert on the English language, but is “I’m” really considered to be one word??

  11. “Is it in yet?”

  12. “All you can eat”

    And I’m talking buffet, don’t be dirty minded.

  13. “Learn to pluralize, halfwit”

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