Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just a Few PhoDoh’s

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  1. Hey Mue

    Stop taking things so seriously, ’tis the internet after all.

    Sense of humour bypass much?

  2. Yes, I’m the big-boobed christian. Sorry, I’ve been a little on edge today, my campus had a shooting today, I was pretty nervous. No hard feelings.

  3. i still find the accidental peen pictures hilarious. always have. i’m guessing I always will.

  4. Mue, you referring to the nutball with the ski mask and AK-47?

  5. Yes, comments, I am.

  6. Eeesh, some scary stuff – glad there were no injuries and you all are safe.

  7. Me too. I was in the building right next to the one where the shooter was, but luckily everyone is okay. I sympathize with the friends and family of the student, though.

  8. I hate to change the subject because now we’re talking about a serious subject and I’m glad you’re ok muepsilongamma….

    but, did no one else find humor in the fact that Wiktoria’s album is titled “We’re Nuts”??? Maybe it was just me.

  9. As pro-life as I am, I think death would be merciful to the unborn baby in the last post. At the very least, the baby needs to be taken in to custody immediately after birth and given to an intelligent family

  10. True els – which is also funny because, though titled “we’re nuts”, Sally Longwanger there would appear not to have any.

  11. For those of you not getting the graph one, it shows a 1:1 positive correlation between jobless losers and facebook losers, insinuating that all those losers that lost their jobs just sit around being losers on facebook. And if you losers did not get that humor Sorfuckinly on behalf of lamebook. Now it took a loser like me to complain about your shit. Hey that girl has a huge penis.

  12. I appreciate it els9874 🙂

    By the way, what is “BBY MMA SWAGG” ? Is that the way pregnant women waddle when they get into the later months of their gestational period?

  13. @katiewatie
    ….the red girls one leg really is more tan than the other

  14. “hung like a donkey” FTW

  15. Omg, that happened at UT? Wow, doing schoolwork for 15 hours is not good for my knowledge on current events. I love UT! I’m sorry for the family and friends affected! Glad you are okay! Wow.. 🙁

  16. Yes, valenya23, it happened on Tuesday morning. Scared the whole state, but everyone is fine. Thanks for your concern.

  17. Does NO ONE notice that the Apple store girl, and the pregnant girl are THE SAME GIRL.?
    That’s point. -_-

  18. @kattzombiee: Are you retarded? Please get a life

  19. I’d really like to know what is going on with the girl in red’s legs? They’re different colors and sizes.

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