Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just a Heads Up

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  1. GEEZ. This guy/gal gets around.

  2. You cheated on me? :O Did you get an STD? No? Oh, that’s cool then. Sure, yeah, you can go round to seem him tomorrow. I’ll be at work anyway, so whatever.

  3. For some reason, this post made me hungry.

  4. sudden craving for twinkies, sideshow….?

  5. maybe some fudge sideshow?

  6. Is this a guy? I’m guessing it is. Should go back to rehab.

  7. Followed by side of tube steak and finished off with a nice fruit salad.

  8. anonymouseinternetuser

    This makes me kinda sad – sub context is poor guy got an STD ‘cos his boy cheated with a dirty man ho. I hear ya bro, you can’t trust no one. Which is why I’m going to bed and being thankful I know where my hand has been.

  9. im 12 and wat is this

  10. anonymouseinternetuser

    gsides, sounds like you need to check out the Hooters post 😉

  11. lol @ anonymouse.

    @Sideshow too bad you didn’t pack any fudge .

  12. @Dukey I will reach around and grab some from you.

  13. danfargisfilthypenis

    Whew, after reading this I feel dirty. I need to take a shower! :/

  14. after reading this I have a headache… it made sense but made no sense to me. …. fudge sounds good.. I ought to go make some.

  15. My question is: Is the poster a guy or a gal?

  16. so it’s OK that his/her boyfriend is openly sleeping around with an STD infected guy, but it’s not OK that that guy is a liar. Alord please pass the twinkies, I need to eat something too

  17. Is it possible that this might be that trans-gender athlete that was all over the news? I can’t make out the gender of this poster. Anyway, not quite something I would post on Facebook… Or anywhere else I might add.

  18. I love how he was getting both fucked AND laid by older guys.

  19. Bio hazard

  20. Stephan, die arme meisie is nie ‘n transgender :p my heart goes out to her, she didn’t know she was a hermaphrodite because her male organs were somehow on the inside! I’d hang myself if my body was that screwed up.

  21. Why is Dalton wearing makeup?

  22. Better question is .. Why isn’t every guy on the planet NOT wearing makeup? It just doesn’t make sense.

  23. .. and yes, the double negative was intentional. :o)

  24. It drives me nuts when people spell does like dose.

  25. If the poster is a girl, she’s just admitted that her boyfriend does* guys on the side, and comes home with herpes (or whatever; apparently nobody went to the doctor to get that checked out properly), and if it’s a guy he should be ashamed of acting like a total pussy on a social networking site.

    *so tempted to put ‘dose’ here.

  26. Thanks for the warning! That’s near where I live

  27. Hi guys,

    My real name is Dalton, I like drugs and having miscellaneous objects d’art inserted into me.

    I collect STD’s and am willing to swap for new ones that i have not yet contracted.

    I also like playing big games like giant chess or le grande monopoly.

  28. Oh for the love of baby jesus, this can’t be real… Please, it must not be. lmfao @ MsBuzzkill

  29. Am I the only one who imagined this in the voice of that Lincoln Park rapist guy?

  30. @piratequeen- i so did. in fact i think everyone should read this again and do just that.

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