Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just BBeing a Juggalo

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  1. I think that guy’s mother should have had a paportion when she realised she is pregnant.

  2. I have no fucking clue what just happened, and I’m not reading through all that to find out.

  3. Wheew!so glad I missed the Kumbaya bonfire that went on here! Goodness people, on a Friday night?

    I mentioned recently that I didn’t want to be classified in the same category as three whiny girls on lamebook. I’m going to take a wild guess that they were all MEG! Muepsilongamma, the queen, and idiotbarbie! (and if not idiotbarbie, then the queen’s roommate)

    It was very disturbing reading Meg’s posts above. I sincerely hope she does seek help and is not just saying it. And if you see this Megan: good voice! Focus on that instead, funny internet sites are not for you.

  4. Saffer, I don’t know who idiotbarbie is, but you’re right. I was also thequeen, and excruciasm. Both characters were a couple of my other more distinct personalities. Very good for figuring that out.
    It’s true. I will take this weekend to rest, and then call a doctor on Monday morning. Thank you for the compliment on my voice. I really do enjoy singing; it’s quite therapeutic.

  5. But for clarity’s sake, this is the account on which I am most honest. I have told very few, if any, lies under this name as compared to my other characters.

  6. Kelly, I knew you were thequeen (and by logic, the other one). And you know why? I’ve known a few anorexics in my time, and never, not once, did any of them defend the obese. You have some issues there, my dear. Like you said, you need to get them sorted. Also, you should use some of the energy you expend here toward getting yourself in shape.

    Well, it’s been… something… not sure what, but, anyway, onwards on upwards…

    Bye bye.

  7. Wait…is it even physically possible to live in a box of pudding?

  8. lmao

  9. ok since i’m still a new stalker can someone tell me how you work out she’s got a good voice? and whether her name is kelly or megan? lol

  10. How come I got assigned the new bug? 😀
    Click on her name and it takes you to a site where she’s singing. She’s called MEG because it’s the initials of MuEpsilonGamma, and Kelly because she, apparently, looks like Kelly Clarkson

  11. ’cause you’re a sweet old git 😉
    And thanks, i’m clued up …. that girl can sing though

  12. I’ve got one last thing to say about this utter load of rubbish…

    In my time commenting, I’ve only interacted with maybe… three trolls, and it turns out at least two of them are the same person. Ha. Makes complete sense. It wouldn’t be surprising if it turned out she’s fargis, as well…

    … and yoink… and gayisgay… and…

  13. I promise, fargis is too smart to be one of my characters, and those other two must have been before my time. But I think that a troll is someone who just likes to stir up trouble, and while stirring up trouble is what I did, I certainly wasn’t enjoying it, and it wasn’t my objective.

    The few anorexics I’ve known did defend the obese, but it’s probably because I am their friend/family member. And even then, they weren’t really defending my weight, just defending me as a person, fighting for my right not to get picked on and such. It was nice, but it felt very fake.

    I’ve found a workout group in my dorm building. Let’s see how long I can keep up with that.

    Thanks again.

  14. Sometimes it’s easy figuring out the personalities, becuae the writing style and essence of the person doesn’t change- even if they talk like yoink, and I thought everybody knew that yoink was one of the really funny “regulars” just in case it’s not known, I wont throw him/ her under the bus.

    Meg, I’m sorry for what you’re going through internally, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. xx

  15. I think I saw some of yoink’s posts way back when I first came to lamebook a few months ago, but I just remember lots of crazy misspellings, and I usually just pass over people who talk like that. It hurts my brain to read that stuff.

    Thanks Saffer, but don’t feel sorry for me. Mental disease or defect is no excuse for my behavior. It was wrong of me to essentially piss all over what is actually a pretty funny website just because I have personal issues and made it everyone else’s problem in a failed attempt at a cry for help. I should have known better.

  16. I like everyone on the Pyschopathic label. I used to have a narrow mind about it but then I realized thats stupid and gave them a chance, just like I do everything else. While yes, I do agree putting a picture like that up on facebook is a little immature, I have to say that the music is great and most of my friend’s including my boyfriend are juggalos. We are all normal people that work and some of us have kids that we do take care off. I myself am in college majoring in electrical engineering. Juggalos are the only people I have met in the state I moved to five years ago that don’t judge me or make me feel like less then a person for just being me. I’m not hating on anyone and hope everyone else can do the same. I know sometimes people take things to far, so just let it go.

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  18. I’m glad you cleared up that you don’t hate ALL teen moms, MEG 🙂 Trust me, I’ve been with the same guy for 10 years….I’m not slutty.

    Have you thought about getting just a boyfriend? You don’t have to have sex to have a boyfriend, especially if you find someone with the same values as you.

    And I agree, get help….your whole world will change, I’ve been there.

    Also, I think you look really cute with red hair 🙂

  19. bell
    I really don’t think any guy would date me. I mean, you heard what Dukey said. And I think if you go back a couple of threads, you’ll find a page where basically everyone told me that no guy would or should be in a sexless relationship. They all pretty much said that they “deserve” sex, and that no one has values like mine anymore. The one boyfriend I had when I was like fifteen left me for some girls who would put out, and everyone on that thread said “I would have too. If you really loved him, you would have given him sex. You can’t expect a guy to stay in a relationship where he doesn’t get any.” Bottom line, I’m hopeless. People like sex, and although a part of me wants to experience it, my fear and insecurity stops me from even entertaining the thought.

    I really hope my world changes. I mean, I thought I was normal, and most people encouraged my line of thinking (those people being my parents), but I had no idea what kind of damage was being done.

  20. And thanks, I like my red hair too.

  21. I just fucking knew it.

  22. Seriously, get someone to talk to. There have been people with way worse problems than yours who came out just fine in the end with a little professional help. And I know for a fact there are those out there who will wait….you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.

  23. I’ll say to you again what I said before MEG, Romans 12:12. Hope you can get better and come back to lamebook, when you aren’t talking about teen mums you make some pretty funny comments!

  24. I joined up after silently lurking for months to let you all know about this:

    YES! ICP are actually Evangelical Christians and all the violent, fucktard lyrics were a PLY to get DUMB KIDS TO BELIEVE IN GOD BY COMMUNICATING AT THEIR LEVEL.

    Heh heh heh. Eat that.

  25. Also – MEG, I don’t think you’re ugly, and good for you for sticking with what you believe. Ignore the internets, it is no good. If you don’t want to put out for someone, don’t. Everyone’s different, stop putting yourself down. Also, stop putting everyone else down. I think it’s your SWEEPING GENERALISATIONS that are riling the Lamebook Folk up. While I agree teen pregnancy is a problem, LAMEBOOK is not the place to start airing social grievances. It’s called LAMEbook, c’mon, let’s all just have some fun without ending up with some poor girl with hate comments all over her myspace page.

  26. @MEG you are not fat or ugly!!! As soon as you start believing that you will find someone! Trust me, I know what you are going through: I was a virgin til I was 19 (longer than ALL of my friends), I’m heavy (200 lbs.) and insecure, and everyone I know is popping out babies or happily married. I came out of an abusive relationship last year and I was a mess but I found a wonderful guy and now I’m quite content. Focus on the positives like your amazing voice and it will work out…good luck girl.

  27. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    She is fat nuggster and if you are under 6ft and weighed 200lbs then you are fat too. This isn’t Oprah, fat is fat, being heavy is being fat.

    As for ugly I don’t remember anybody saying she was ugly.

  28. Meg, you’re quite the musician, you’re cute, and I’d definitely do you if you were up for it. Lots of guys are into “cute”, so don’t feel bad, love 🙂

  29. dawnofthedeadling

    The juggalos and the juggalettes are ridiculous. They crack me up.

  30. I love having my daily dose of laugh, even if this one came in the early evening, and probably at the wrong time (when someone needs validation). Anyway Dukey, you made me lol “This isn’t Oprah…” ftw 🙂

    Dukey and uhmm… the guy guy with the normal name are right: you’re fat and cute, I think it works for you. You’re by no means close to being ugly.

  31. But thequeen is still skinny, right? And excruciasm will pick up the pieces after I’m done? Mississippi, I will bang every one of your personalities. When I was “experimenting” with my dog, he chewed out my seminal vesicles, so there’s no chance of you getting pregnant. Call me.

  32. Dukey, you are so smooth, and your buns are delicious. Can I be your duchess?

  33. I think that everyone of you idiots need to get a fucking life. Judging a person that you don’t fucking know. Everyone of you need to grow the fuck up and realize that you all as individuals have flaws and aren’t perfect. Yes I am a Juggalette. And yes this is my husband you are talking about. But judging people gets you know where. And as far as being dumb lmao, he started college at the age of 16 and spent 4 years there. And yes he sits on his but and designs kick-ass web pages because of that 4 years of colleges. And also is disabled because of a car accident. So if you want to judge then fuck off. DGAF about you and your fucked up lives.

    Have a good day fuckers

  34. kimki..I feel that you may be blowing everyones reactions out of “paportion”.

  35. I thought it was a squirt gun. I guess a BB gun is slightly less lame.
    If those are actually tattoos, I want to see a photo of this guy in 40 years.

  36. The lampshade is crooked.

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