Monday, May 20, 2013

Just Friends

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  1. Just because your whiskey fucked you up doesn’t mean you should marry it.

  2. Zack, Just keep having one night stands like the rest of us..

    Or not.
    -Whiskey dick

  3. One night stands? That reminds me of the time I shoved a whisky bottle up Zach’s mum’s asshole before I fucked her like a dog, then choked her on my ballsack.


  4. ^O-O-O-OKAY

  5. Fake. I win.

  6. Zack should propose to a tennessee(sp) whiskey instead. Then they could be Zack and Jack Dani….uggg

  7. Teach me please, master Elsior.

  8. Being friendzoned by liquor may be the ultimate low.

  9. shit..elsior WAS in timeout the whole fukn time..that last grounding was a good 1 man..2 bad u survived it

  10. Liquor clogs my system.

  11. Whiskey dick? Switch to tequila.

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