Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just KIDdin’

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  1. Congratulations Pootsie, you are sick in the head and not the least bit funny.
    Mostly because your name is Pootsie

  2. Oh wow Pootsie that was just wrong on so any levels! It makes me sick to think that people post these things thinking they are being funny and “crazy”. That is straight up insane and disturbing.

  3. Phillips and Pootsie, sitting in a tree….
    ….and I douse the damn thing with gasoline and set it on fire.

  4. I can’t stop thinking about “Young Frankenstein” now.

    Also, creampie? Doubt that kid is doing much of that.

  5. Oh, and tofu, I’ve got a match if you need one.

  6. If that ‘Frappacino’ advert pops up onto my screen one more time when I’m tryna surf lamebook ima go into the nearest Starfucks and start randomly stabbing people.

    This is just for the police records after I go out in a blaze of glory, covered in foam and those little marshmallows, screaming incoherently about shoving frappacinos up your asshole…

  7. First post is olddddddd, not original in the slightest.

    I swear, like 70% of the stuff I see on this site is just people’s copypasta of old memes from 4chan that have been forgotten or not seen by anyone else.

  8. Pootsie’s idea is a bit played out. Still a little funny though.

    Eric is right. Having kids is dumb. I knew the world was over populated when I saw stroller parking at the mall. This shit is getting out of control.

  9. I wish Dan Fargis was still around – he probably would have commented on this.

  10. Hey Cristina, Get Bent!

  11. nunya: Do you have a helicopter too? We could douse it from above AND below, to minimize any chance of escape.

  12. Pootsie Masheen on FB. I should send him and his girl a message…

  13. secano i think you should send them a message

  14. littleredcorvette

    Lol at everyone in here getting worked up over an old copypasta.

  15. I like the word “copypasta”. Funniest thing on this page. Thanks.

  16. CommentsAtLarge

    I prefer my copypasta a touch al dente.

  17. At least credit 4chan Pootsie, you whore.

  18. Pootsie must be confused. “IT” states “IF I WAS A GIRL”…. well is it a girl or what?

  19. ifitwerentformyhorse

    You know, people have been having kids for all of history, not just nowadays. I bet that would blow Eric’s mind.

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