Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just KIDding

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  1. so we’re calling other people’s littlelees bitches now? I missed the memo.

  2. Stephen needs to chill out. You shouldn’t make your kid feel awkward. It’s not like she’s using profanity, and saying don’t call him that just makes her want to say it more. If she’s singing “I love sperm” and someone says something, he can explain what she’s talking about and move on. Otherwise, he’s getting himself into the birds and bees discussion a lot sooner than he wants to be. His kid’s gonna be so repressed.

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Alex = Gold

  4. I routinely call other people’s children bitches, whores, dinner…

  5. Don’t forget the classic, kuntnugget, Hawkbit.

  6. Yasmin is the name of a birth control pill… she should rename her child.

  7. If we’re renaming kids, might I suggest “Spermy”?

  8. Maybe she named the kid Yasmin as a reminder to take her Yasmin.

  9. The kid doesn’t need the internet, Melissa. Just grow a freaking pair and tell her that Jacko got whacked. Why are people so afraid to talk about death with kids? Kids are more accepting of it than most adults are. The bitch will be over it in 5 minutes.

  10. I named a cat Puss when I was around 4-5, despite my mother’s protests. Once I got a little older and understood, I just changed its name. And I dealt with the idea of death pretty well back then. Dunno what the big deal is about telling a kid that a celebrity is dead.

  11. 4 yr old child: “I want Sperm in my bed?”
    Michael Jackson (reprise) spontaneously combusts.

  12. Alex is a poor excuse for a friend.

  13. Alex gave me the giggles.

  14. This reminds me of when my youngest daughter wanted to give her new cuddly sperm whale toy a name, no matter how unsuitable I told her it was, she insisted…

    It’s been called ‘Sir Blastaspunkbombinsideme’ ever since.

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