Monday, July 8, 2013

Just Shoot Me

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  1. necrophiliac64258

    The government should make a hunger games style TV show and force these people to participate for normal peoples entertainment.

  2. The damn government keeps “waisting” our money!
    Well, at least they aren’t wristing it…

  3. at least then the op could spend it on condoms. or a noose.

  4. If you Google Canada’s population, you get the 2011 statistic stating that there were 34.48 million people. The OP in this post mentions that there are 31 million people. Know what that means?
    Lamebook is posting old material.
    Do the math folks…

  5. statistics canada actually states the total population as of 2013 april is 35,141,542.
    Cat and google are posting old material!
    Do the ma…
    oh fuck’it lol

  6. Despite the thumbs down, #4 is correct – this has actually already been posted on Lamebook before.

  7. AmeliaHerrington

    what Douglas said I’m impressed that someone can make ($)8478 in one month on the computer. have you seen this website… can99.ℂ­om

  8. The overpass went way over her head.

  9. Gubenooj, you get my fucking point.
    It’s old.

  10. I don’t know so long as the money being used to build roads is really helping people it’s a stupid complaint. However if it’s like my city where the roads that are terrible continually get ignored but the roads around the rich peoples homes get repaved about every other year, I can understand the annoyance.

  11. The company I work for (a big name chain of stores) has sweepstake contests every now and again and, if you read the fine print, it says that if a resident of Canada wins, they have to pass a math test in order to win.

    I was always confused about that bit, but now I’m not.

  12. Math, you’re doing it wrong.

  13. lol jessi.
    Canadians aren’t allowed to win a sweepstakes by luck, alone. There has to be skill involved.
    Thus, what we win by luck is a chance at a math skill testing question! That’s perfectly legal. We’ve won nothing of value via luck.
    I’ve won plenty of math skill testing questions over the years. Especially during mc d’s monopoly month.
    You can have all the sweepstakes you want if the winner only wins a math skill testing question.
    A successful skill testing answer tho can win millions of dollars no problem.
    I hope that gives someone something cliff claven worthy to share over dinner tomorrow.

  14. She’s quite right, if the Canadian government didn’t keep taking money fron the Education budget to spend on pesky overpasses, maybe her maths and English would be better?

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