Monday, October 3, 2011

Just Win!

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    and first

  2. What is it with all these Steeeever wannabes lately?

  3. So guys making jokes about hitting their girlfriends counts as a win these days?

    Nice standards, Lamebook.

  4. Seriously, Bookworm?
    You’re the only one that didn’t realize that “hit herself” referred to masturbating? As in “I’d hit that”?

  5. Seriously, g val? I’m pretty sure Bookworm had the correct context 😉

  6. Seriously nightsrequiem?

    …forgot what I was going to say…

    so much for sarcasm, eh?

  7. Bookworm and nightsrequiem – The boyfriend (James) wasn’t the one who made the joke about hitting his girlfriend anyway.

    Plus, I’m female, I’m against domestic violence, I know how to take a joke and I would have liked that post. Don’t take shit so seriously FFS.

  8. I’m just gonna wait for the domestic abuse posts that will no doubt arise from today’s “find a mysoginist/hateful page and spam its wall day”…

    I’m confused by a Rhianna Pandora station…?

  9. Mike is spot-on

  10. @Bacchante
    I’m pretty sure that I never said anything about the joke itself…just its context…but thanks for the advice.

    @g val
    Sorry. The sarcasm was definitely was lost on me, lol.

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