Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Katherine, Meet Spacebar. Spacebar, Meet Katherine.


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  1. What the bloody hell is this? This some sort of emo song, or some free-verse “poetry” of her own twisted design?

  2. Can you even like your own posts/statuses? I didn’t think that was possible.
    @Davey: I have a horrible feeling she actually made it up – out of curiosity I was running it through one of the plagiarism filters we use at work, and no part of the text is appearing. Maybe it’s a song/she’s on drugs/she actually thinks she makes sense.

  3. I’m really surprised I could read and understand all that.

  4. I refuse to waste my time reading that shit….but I will waste my time just to say why the hell would you type something that no one wants to take the time to translate….why not just use simple friggin english???

  5. @Erika…not only that, but it seems to me that it is actually more difficult to type out that drivel. Maybe she has created her own special language.

  6. Jesus Christ. This girl is a total douche tard.

  7. Katherine, it’s time to change your password; you’ve been hacked.

  8. Pass, esp agony and thought.

  9. tl;dr

  10. #59 = /b/tard.

  11. #59. this.

  12. I absolutely hate morons who type like that. Would it really kill you to type a couple extra letters so that people can UNDERSTAND you?

    Oh yes… don’t bother. What you have to say isn’t imprtant anyway.

    America’s I.Q. is getting lower… and lower… and lower by the day.

  13. this has no point but if u cant read this then ur a moron cuz this is a brain teaser duhhh

  14. No, you’re a moron for typing like this or copying and pasting this. I think I speak for everyone else on this website when I say, “I don’t read retard.” A brain teaser can still come in the form of a riddle or something that still isn’t grammatically retarded.

  15. yeah, of course Katherine is the only one who ‘ likes ‘ this freak monologue.

  16. Ugh. Someone please go and brain that pathetic excuse of a person called Katharine. IF you have this burning desire to be pretentious, then for the love of GOD try to at least appear as competent with your language as the average 5th grader.
    Either that, or someone needs to cut her off from the chrome she’s sniffing.

  17. *Katherine
    It’s an “E” not an “A”

  18. My brain just MELTED. Seriously. Straight meltdown. If this person was one of my friends list, I’d give them the tounge lashing of a lifetime.

  19. @SirWilliam

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