Monday, July 27, 2009

Keep Streiving…


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  1. ambition FAIL

  2. Your road looks long and difficult, my friend. Godspeed on your streiving journeys.

  3. I agree with Desuko.

  4. I would someday want to streive to be like yew.

  5. I want to even as well.

  6. If only I had that much ambition!

  7. The small victories in life are what keep me streiving for something better.

  8. That one just made me sad.

  9. Heh, good luck achieving that 😛

  10. He accidentally a whole verb.

  11. this is really sad.
    that poor, poor, dumbass.

  12. Asian.

  13. @12 Douche.

  14. keep chipping away, champ

  15. LOL @ 10

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