Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Keepin’ It Current…

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  2. tweetatcelebritytypos

    The Independence Day one was pretty good, I might even overlook the misspelling of independence!

    Don’t people have Firefox or autocorrect to notify people of their mistakes? Sad.

    And another shameless plug…follow me @CelebrityTypos as I make fun of famous people for their stooooopid mistakes.

  3. ^Correct spelling and grammar is for rich people. LOL

  4. tweetatcelebritytypos

    Nah. I barely get by in this economy, I don’t even have an iPhone for autocorrect. “LOL.”

    And if correct spelling and grammar were for rich people, then why do celebrities do it? Are they not some of the richest people in our society?

  5. @CelebrityTypos = BORING & LAME

  6. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @CelebrityTypos = as funny as a leaking colostomy bag

  7. BORING!! Get it together lamebook.

  8. Yodawg, you made me chuckle! Well done squire!

  9. vaginalroundhouse

    YoDawg I heard you like proper spelling and grammar.

  10. CommentsAtLarge

    Anna, lest we forget Jeff Goldblum.

  11. Unfortunately, instead of Will Smith being sterilized by the nuclear explosion, his seed was turned sour and he has since unleashed the unholy abominations that are Jaden and Willow.

    The aliens might have lost the battle, but they have won the war.

  12. Andrea is a loser…

  13. Way to contribute there, Hawkbit.

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