Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kenny’s Revenge

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  1. Yes because I bet it’s hard to find doorknobs and screws in any store

  2. A door knob isn’t exactly a fucking safe is it.. it isn’t hard to crack. Just stick something square-ish through the door, turn and bobs your uncle, you got yourself an open door.

  3. Uncle Bob opened my door and I lost my virginity.

  4. 420 likes within one hour of his post?

  5. This is retarded, juvenile, that kinda crap!

  6. This is a pretty lame way to get revenge. An “upper decker” would have better. Or, perhaps hide the glasses of water in his underwear drawer.

  7. Really you guys didn’t like this? I thought it was a pretty cool idea. Granted yes a new door knob and screws can be bought, or simply picking the lock, but the thought that went into this I thought was very amusing. The look on his face in the picture is pretty serial killer looking. (Probably what he was going for) Anyways I just thought this was pretty clever.

  8. What I would have done was, when Kenny was sleeping, stack up all those glasses of water (though I might have gone with an assortment of colas, molasses blends, and simulated sewage) at a slight lean against Kenny’s door. When Kenny opened his door in the morning…

  9. ^ I think you mean Chris.

    Kenny, sorry, Dude, it took a lot of thought and a lot of work, but there are too many outs and not enough fluid spillage (that sounds nasty).

  10. I think it’s pretty fucking harsh, given that drinking that amount of water in a short space of time would possibly kill you and definitely hospitalise you. But then again, these little pricks are wasting our money and time by playing daft pranks when they should be studying. It would be more fun if they just threw rocks at each other.

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