Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

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  1. A little voyeur. How cute.


  3. One less E and you might have made it.

  4. This didn’t happen.

  5. wow dan, you’re a quick one.

  6. I’m playing Skyrim right now, in case anyone was wondering.

  7. Yeah this is fake. If she’s old enough to be blase about anal, she doesn’t care much about barbies probably. I doubt most molested kids would even say that. And why would he say something about making babies? I wouldn’t do that to some stranger’s kid if I didn’t have to, I’d just ignore it.

  8. I used to play Skyrim a lot…

    …But then I took an arrow to the knee.

  9. odoyle10 has an extremely tiny penis.

  10. I gotta agree with the Leprechaun, you are a quick one dan.

  11. I used to play Skyrim a lot…

    …But then I turned 9 and got a life.

  12. I never played Skyrim…I hear you can kill dragons… interesting.

  13. I bet dan self submitted. Funny how they cut the bottom line off sometimes…

  14. I’ve been rimmed by Skye.

  15. MsAnneThorpe – pics or it didn’t happen

    i also like to yell out fu rus dah right as i cum

  16. slimjayz – Google doesn’t know what you mean, and neither do I.
    Help a non-geeky sister out?

  17. bacchante… my post with the link is being moderated, what ever that means

    i spelled it wrong… its fus ro dah

  18. really Bacchante?
    You care enough about what that illiterate fuck mumbles when he shoots his disgusting load that you had to ask him to clarify that aborted mess of a sentence?

    Are you punishing me for something?

  19. For someone who takes the time to type in italics….

  20. ^ Were you going somewhere with that sentence? I believe in you, Flames. Someone told me you couldn’t finish a whole thought and express yourself coherently without making a fool of yourself, but I said, “Hey now, miracles can happen.”

    And MsAnne, yes, really. It seemed like a good idea at the time =(
    I thought it might have been interesting, but it was just some dragon shit. I’m gonna go learn how to speak Klingon now.

  21. I hope this is true

  22. This is really scary because this little girl has been seriously misinformed. Now, I don’t want to get pregnant but at the same time I don’t want to put a bunch of plastic and shit in my body, so me and my men only go bare, up the shitter. One time after a few dozen guys gave me dirty creampies a lot of their liquid gold made it’s way down my taint to my cooter and BAM I was pregnant! Luckily I’m a heavy queefer.

  23. miley, I heart you

  24. HA! This reminds me of my tenth daughter.. only without the Barbie dolls and the smart mouth.

  25. ^So what does she do?

  26. ^ She takes it up the arse whilst on all fours.

    Want me to explain the one about how the chicken crossed the road too or were you just testing the water?

  27. ^you know that illegal and morally objectionable on every level?
    but did you know that confessing to a crime on the internet can be used against you in a court of law?

  28. ^Calm down Ironside! Swing your leg chariot into reverse and think about what you’re saying.

    The Chicken used a zebra crossing to cross the road in a perfectly legal and legitimate way, he used the Green Cross Code and everything. So rein it in Judge Judy, ok?!

  29. Alright. but I’m making a fucking note of this.
    I’ve got my eye on you, pal.

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