Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kids These Days…

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  1. this can’t be real can it?

  2. Eh, I don’t know. It wouldn’t surprise me if the younger generation didn’t know what a landline is. When I was in school, the goal was to score above the state requirements, now they only teach to meet the minimum (thus why most high school graduates believe Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife)

  3. It can…I gave my 13 and 10 year old cousins an IQ test for a psychology class once. One of the things they had to do is look at a picture and tell whats missing. It was an old test, and it was a corded phone with the cord missing…neither of them got it.

  4. They should probably update the test then.

  5. So much derp…

  6. Lisa’s going to be mighty confused if she ever gets an office job. Not many cordless phones in cubeland.

  7. Joan of Arc wasn’t Noah’s wife?

  8. Recently a buddy of mine posted that pic of the cassette tape and the pencil, with a caption like “our children will never know how the two are related”, and sure enough, another friend of his (who can’t be a day over 19) replied, “ummm… so you can like write the name of the songs you downloaded on to the tape?” I am not kidding.

  9. ^ That’s so sad..all those times I had to rewind my tapes with the eraser end of a pencil <3 I think I'm at the tail end of the generation that had casette tapes..I'm 23 now and they went completely out of style when I was about 10..followed a couple of years later by our dial up internet!

  10. Since when did dial-up internet go out of style?

  11. ^^ Somewhere around 2003.

  12. I had to use Google to get the cassette tape one. I thought the same thing that the guy in the comment did. I’m 22. =/

    I find it odd that the picture is of a rotary phone. I had one of those as a kid for a toy because my parents found it in the attic. LOL.

  13. I use to write some kind of description on the cassette, there’s even lines for it. If we’re talking about C cassette here. For rewinding i use my finger usually.

  14. Yes and we (my father) had that kind of phone until about 1997.

    But with a cord naturally 🙂

  15. Well actually i usually use the cassette player for rewinding 😀

  16. The reason I used to use a pencil to rewind a cassette tape instead of the player would be so can play something else and have something to listen to while I did the manual rewind.

  17. Lmaharj – They did update the test, we were just using the old ones because thats what the college had for us to use.

  18. Also, I’m 24 and I always rewound my cassettes with the took like a minute! In an emergency I used my finger but I hated doing that.

  19. Well then, who is Noah’s wife?

  20. thefiddler – for serious? it’s mrs. noah of course. chicks didn’t get to have their own identity until 1983 or something.

  21. I used to use a pen/Pencil/finger on my cassettes but not for rewinding but when the tape player would go haywire and as i took the cassette out the tape was all hanging out of the bottom and i had to wind it back in….and im nearly 25…this has just made me feel very old…

  22. I guess mrs. Noah had to rewind Noah’s tapes 🙁

  23. thefiddler – I had a look in the bible to find out Noah’s wife’s name, but that page was missing. Sorry, I must have used it to roll a joint back in the day.

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