Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kidz These Daze

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  1. The gene pool giveth, and the gene pool taketh away.

  2. I hope to God these are fake. If they’re not, they should be.

  3. “*sumthing” made me laugh. So did the oldies music from 2000. I remember LPs, 45s and 8-tracks. I even remember having a couple of 78s.

  4. Nathan, you moron. You fucked yourself in the ass with using “than”.

  5. actually the sandwich thing did the arse fucking

  6. I hate people so much

  7. ^I know that feel.

  8. I imagin that Gabriella’s head would explode if she discovered that there’s good music older than that.

  9. Eat my shit.

  10. You just KNOW Allison is hoping for loads of responses telling her it’s because she’s so incredibly hot that everyone underestimates her “intelligence”.

  11. This was SO MUCH funny!! the sandwich bit made me literally laugh out loud.

  12. and I hate Gabriella. Nirvana’s Nevermind came out 21 years ago today. Fuck that snotty little twat.

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