Wednesday, April 29, 2009



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  1. Morgan Freeman; caught with the mistaken belief that his Facebook is private.

  2. mere is a wench

  3. KOT=KIng of town?

  4. probably means Kappa Omega Theata

  5. I think it’s a saying from Kappa Delta Sorority. It stands for something in Latin.

  6. kappa omicron tau is also a national sorority. you’re think aot for kappa deltas.

  7. It’s for Kappa Omega Tau. They’re a fraternity. Fraternities pick a girl to be their sweetheart every year.

  8. @ 5.jaquelyn,
    this is greek u noob

  9. This frat house crap makes no sense to me. I’m glad British unis don’t have this rubbish. Seems like the education system over there is more about popularity than doing well.

  10. The Scarlet Pimple

    The “Greek” system has very little to do with education and few serious students are involved in it at all.

  11. miidnightrain4590

    Actually at most schools you must maintain a certain GPA to remain in your particular Greek house or whatever and most Greek systems boast higher retention rates and GPA’s for schools and some required study hours for certain students etc

  12. I was in the greek system. It’s dumb.

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