Monday, March 12, 2012


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  1. I thought the first one was pretty funny. The second one should have stopped after the first line.

  2. Painstaking research (I checked 2 websites from a google search) indicates that between 5 and 13 children in America die each year from choking on hot dogs.

  3. ^ Yeah, but they were all fat…

  4. if you’re the type of person who can choke to death on a hotdog then it’s for the best that you hop out of the gene pool before you reach sexual maturity.

  5. Was that a pun ? #2 line #2 ? ‘frankly’ . Even if it wasn’t, the whole post was retarded as msanne

  6. Just shut up; is how I feel about this post

  7. Unbelievable! I’m glad some AFRICAN-Americans find the plight of the Ugandas funny. Fucking idiots!!! Since the 80’s innocent people are being massacred, kids aren’t being allowed to be kids, women are being raped and people find this shit funny. We live in a sick world, full of ignorant fucks! #SMH

  8. Go back to twitter fuck face. Where the fuck did you get African Americans out of this ? ‘since the 80’s people are being massacred’ ? This is 2012. Anyway #suckmydick

  9. did you wee in your pants while you were typing that, flamesy?
    it smells like Old Man Urine in here now.

  10. ^ Mixed with way too much knockoff Polo.

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