Friday, June 8, 2012

Ladies Agree…

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  1. Loretta gets it. I ripped her vag with my massive dong.

  2. because when I have sex the first thing I want to do is brag about it in the lamebook comments section

  3. Long.

  4. That one flew over Loretta’s head like Mario’s duck.

  5. ^^ Yep. Hugely.

  6. Nothing against gay porn or anything, but I’m not looking for a huge cock in a man, I’m looking for one on a man, and then for it to be in me.

  7. ^you are learned and wise, and you make a salient point.

  8. ^

  9. crustylovelips

    If a man wants to see a dick they can just look at their own. NO NEED for gay porn. Lesbian porn is ok though because men don’t have a pair of boobs, or a vagina.

  10. crustylovelips

    Some men have boobs, like Fat Bastard, and some men have a vagina, like DakPainter.

  11. Something tells me that Loretta isn’t very good at crossword puzzles.

    One down: an eight letter word for “clueless.”

  12. Is this dumb blond week?

  13. Yes I know. It is not naturally red.

  14. And some men have two cocks–like Crusty–one in his mouth and one in his arse.

  15. ^it keeps him quiet.

  16. Women are not so shallow as to base their perception of a perfect man on something as trivial as the size of his spunk hose.

    It’s how much money he has that really seals the deal… superficial acquisitional sluts.

  17. Oh ffs, I didn’t even see it. Dumb blond week indeed, except I’m not. Bloody well should be though.

  18. Gobble gobble gobble

  19. ^Crusty! I never pictured you as one who could speak turkey.

  20. crusty has a whole series of bird impressions.
    after the turkey, he does the swallow. and the tit.
    he doesn’t do a very good shag, though.

  21. How much is he charging for the hour, now?

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