Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lamebooker Challenge: Crappy Movie Challenge



  1. Paranormal Activity

  2. The Hunt for Brown October

  3. Blazing Saddles

  4. Gone With The Wind.

  5. The Longest Yard

  6. He’s Having a Baby

  7. The Gold Rush

  8. The Man Who Cried

  9. The Long Goodbye

  10. Armageddon

  11. The Whole Nine Yards

  12. Blood and Thunder

  13. There will be blood

  14. The Lord of the poops, the two towers.

  15. The Human Centiped.

    [not a movie, a game one, and more accurate]

  16. The Perfect Storm
    There was wind, waves, and someone called the coast guard.

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