Monday, July 6, 2009

Lametastic Four


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  1. That is kind of morbid.
    We will be friends for ever…until I drop dead!

  2. I am out of breathe from laughing so hard! I can’t breath.

  3. Take a deep breathe! It’ll be okay.

  4. These girls will probably hate each other by the time they get to college

  5. LOL

    Thay think they’re sooooo cool.



  6. They*

  7. Funny thing is… it’s says FOREVER, then it says til my very last breath. Uhhh.. how does that make sense?

  8. the Boobie Watcher


    Best Friends Forever and Beyond the Grave. Duh.

  9. it reminds me of Titanic, “I’ll never let go jack!” and then drops him to the bottom of the Atlantic. I give them till senior year before they hate each other

  10. I’d hit it… Middle right girl looks like a squealer

  11. What the hell is wrong with that one chick’s lips?

  12. Observe album name.
    Laughter ensues.

  13. hahaha. they are in college already..

  14. They look 7 years old. Creepy immortals.

  15. why the hell is she wearing her cap that way ?
    well why is she even wearing one ?

  16. I don’t get it. What’s funny about this one? It just looks like the silly pictures my little sis takes w/ her friends.

    Let 10 yr olds act like 10 yr olds, make fun of the 20 yr olds that act like 10 yr olds.

    This isn’t worthy of this site.

  17. Greg, you are site worthy. It is pretty apparent why this belongs here. Also sounds like Greg and his little sis need “hooked on phonics.”

  18. boobie watcher. You’re amazing.

  19. Oh to be young and in love with life.

  20. I love the people who come to these comment boards and leave snide comments about other people’s comments. It’s all so… redundant!

    Schadenfreude also comes to mind…

  21. Oh my goodness, the irony in the above post is simply delicious.

  22. Life is a picnik with all my BBFABTGs.

    ugh, you’re hilarious.

  23. oh just shut up

  24. Rude. These are just 4 young girls loving life and being silly. They may hate each other in a few years but who cares? Sorry they aren’t cynical little emo bitches. This doesn’t belong here.

  25. hahah the funniest part is “breathe,” as in: without my lungs I cannot BREATHE. i hope robby and kn were referring to this.

  26. “hahaha. they are in college already..”

    If commenter #13 (emm) is right, then this truly is lame; I can totally see middle or high schoolers posting something like this, but when you’re post-HS you’re kinda supposed to be too old for this. Esp with that precious little folder name. “Life is a picnic”? Yeah, and the world is flat.

  27. fakeplastictrees

    am i the only one who noticed she spelled “picnic” wrong on the album title?

  28. Why did so many people not realize that breathe is not the right word? It’s not that difficult to read.

  29. stupid I know this, but it’s funny to me that she spelled the album name ‘picnik’…because thats name of the photo editing site she used to write on the picture.

  30. Picnik is the name of a free photo editing site where teenage girls can make abominations like this.
    Seriously, there could be whole new Lamebook for all the freaking Picnik pictures.

  31. I tried to see the beauty in this picture, and I made it past their faces, but I cannot overlook ‘breathe’. It’s breath you retard. And the album name makes me want to commit suicide, have someone take pictures, and get resurrected so that I can crappily photoshop them with picnik, and post them all over facebook.

  32. Please remove this. This does not belong here. Its rude. Bad play by Lamebook I think.

  33. I think everyone who said this pic was morbid is utterly retarded.. the point of this photo was to highlight the spelling error “breathe”.

  34. Another funny error...

    The fact that she used the word “till” is also incorrect. What she means is “until” which only has one l. It should be ’til if she wants to abbreviate it.

  35. actually “till” is the shortened form of “until”


    3. near or at a specified time: till evening.

    6. to the time that or when; until.

  36. Breathe =/= Breath

  37. Picnik is an online photo editor all the teen girls use.

  38. Lol at kn and robby (and everyone who didn’t get that they wrote ‘breathe’ instead of ‘breath’)

  39. #35

    I don’t know where you found that but I’d dispute it.

    Till = cash register
    ’til = shortened version of until

  40. I’m with Fran on this one. However it may be that the American version is “till” short for “until” (?)

  41. “Main Entry: 1till
    Pronunciation: \təl, təl, ˈtil\
    Function: preposition
    Etymology: Middle English, from Old English til; akin to Old Norse til to, till, Old English til good
    Date: before 12th century
    1 chiefly Scottish : to
    2or ’til also til : until”

    Pay particular attention to #2. Merriam-Webster. Just like both “theater” and “theatre” are correct spellings so are “til” and “till” both correct shortenings of the word “until.”

  42. Gosh! Even the second language speakers here in Europe know that the usage of “till” is acceptable even in academic writing. Stop correcting others if you don’t know what you’re talking about!

  43. Has noone noticed they are just kids?

  44. Christ on a cracker

    Ugh I hate tweens. Like the al-Qaida, they should all be destroyed.

  45. Someone really must inform them that life is certainly no picnic…

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