Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Last Minute Gift Idea…

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  1. The Beast Among Us

    Upper Darby Police Department has a good sense of humor. That’s cool.

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  3. If you keep trying to bribe the cops, it’s your own fault if you go to prison and gets raped!

  4. Elsie B, one is singular then you go plural. I’m wondering how you can’t forgive yourself for not going on this website? That’s a big call. But it’s amazing, I have forgiven and moved on, so um calling bullshit on that one

  5. I love alcoholism. Alcohol comes in so many flavours now. Even StupidDane’s daddy’s gism. Dane’s got a mini distillery going on in his closet.

    Steeeeever, flavoUrs is spelled that way just for you. I wanted to make the less fortunate feel welcome here.

  6. I Lust Steeever’s face is like a glazed donut after a night with his idol Steveer. On the upside, his complexion is flawless (but stings your eyes doesn’t it)

  7. “Homestyle Goodness.” So much to say about that….

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  9. I’ve had this stuff and it’s so gross. Tastes nothing like donuts or anything even close to being a donut.

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