Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Last Question

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  1. i bet kelley describes herself as “quirky” and “random lol”.

  2. ^Also, as a first semester community college drop out barista, that’s totes epic!

  3. Well Google seems to have a number of different opinions as to what a group of pandas are called. Quite sure it’s not a herd though.

  4. Kelley better start asking if you’d like fries with that…

  5. I think a group of Pandas are called a Dojo!

  6. With answers like that, it’s her own fault if she gets raped!

  7. Good luck getting pandas to run.

  8. Judging from that answer, i think it’s safe to say that she failed that quiz. Now, Kelley, on to making your perverted 60 year old teachers wildest dreams come through by sucking on his wrinkled pecker and old balls.

  9. Kelley needs a slap.

  10. There’s a reason the likes section of this post got left off the screenshot..it didn’t get any.

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