Thursday, January 13, 2011


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  1. Pretty limp.

  2. That Lebron cock could probably still play better than the Cavaliers. Didn’t they lose by like 50 points last night?

  3. Basketball. penis.

  4. It’s a dinosaur dildo!

  5. So even the cavemen weren’t able to satisfy their women.

  6. @curly .. I now fuck to the tune of ‘Seven Drunken Nights’ going in my head … it seems to satisfy.

  7. … me

  8. Ahhh Cleveland. That blessed hometown of mine.
    We has gigantic fossilized cocks. At least there still one thing good about Ohio! 😀

  9. Not according to The Drew Cary Show

  10. Well mass, that’s certainly a new one! None of your man Luther Vandross for you eh.

  11. Ahhhh the fossilised remains of the now extinct Biggiantblackcockosaurus the natural predator of the Blondebimbothickcuntodocus

    It’s good to see Lamebook taking an interest in educating us for once eh?

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